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That alternate dress costume shown for Rose is actually a cool reference to Street Fighter Alpha 2

Her scarf makes it less revealing most of the time though

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 7, 2021 at 4:30 a.m. PDT • Comments: 21

Everyone had their souls overloaded with new Rose information for Street Fighter 5 yesterday in the Spring Update stream, and there's quite a few details we didn't even catch our first time watching.

Capcom revealed one of Rose's alternate costumes to be a more traditional dress that many may have assumed was simply an updated version of the outfit from Street Fighter 4, but it goes back much further to the fortune teller's second appearance ever.

While it may not have stood out much at first, upon closer inspection, this dress is indeed the same as the one Rose is seen wearing in her ending to Street Fighter Alpha 2's Arcade mode.

It also appears in one of her win poses in the game when scoring a perfect round.

What makes it difficult to tell is that she uses her scarf to cover up her cleavage, so we can't see the full design until she throws it out — though it seems to be a bit less revealing in that department in general now too.

The key-shaped earrings and necklace, the arm bands and even the lightning bolt mark on her forehead are all the same.

This attire also technically seems to predate the arcade ending too since it's also featured in concept art for Rose from the early Alpha titles.

It would make its first fully playable appearance in SF4 though the design would be reworked to give Rose different hair and remove the mark.

We don't yet know if the dress will be Rose's battle or story costume in Street Fighter 5, but we should be able to try it out for ourselves when she releases on April 19.

Video via Dan Dojo.

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