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First in-game look at Rival Schools' Akira released for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • April 6, 2021 at 3:28 p.m. PDT • Comments: 63

Akira Kazama remained as one of Capcom's arguably best character designs that's went unused for two decades at this point, but she finally got her chance to graduate to the big leagues.

Capcom revealed the first teaser clip for Akira's new incarnation during the Spring Update event for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

Differing from what we saw initially with Oro's teaser, which featured a quick look at the fighter's character model and his Tengu Stone attack, Capcom went full on with their first glimpse of Akira. Essentially, the Rival Schools contender saw her very own reveal trailer here, adding a cherry on top of what was already an action packed live stream.

The showcase kicks off with a look at Akira's fight intro. Coming in on her trademark motorcycle, the biker dismounts, takes off her helmet, and readies herself for battle.

Right out of the gate, we see that Akira comes equipped with several target combos and multi-hitting attacks. Her special moves include an energy palm strike, an elbow thrust, and spin kicks.

A look at one of Akira's V-Triggers reveals that she gains access to a series of chain combos when it is activated. Adding to that, we see that she adds an element of Rival Schools' launch combos by kicking the opponent high up into the air and juggling them before spiking them back to the ground.

Capcom concluded the entire broadcast with a final teaser for Akira that looks to show her other V-Trigger. As fans were hoping to see, Akira's older brother Daigo Kazama is summoned with this technique.

The quick clip shows Daigo descend from the top of the screen and strike the opponent, then stand up, turn his back, cross his arms, and unleash a blast of energy that also functions as an attack. After KO-ing Dan with this big strike, Daigo slowly walks off screen as Akira waves him goodbye.

Akira first in-game look Street Fighter 5 Season 5 image #1 Akira first in-game look Street Fighter 5 Season 5 image #2
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Naturally, Akira is a character that is still in development and no release date for her was shared at this time. Despite an on-screen message reminding fans that the Street Fighter 5 development team is hard at work on this upcoming DLC fighter, Akira is already looking very slick in Capcom's latest entry in the Street Fighter series.

What we did learn, though, is that Street Fighter 5's next DLC character is set for release on April 19. Rose will finally be returning to battle on that day, and the update that introduces her into the game will also make way for a new batch of alternate costumes.

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