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Everything we expect to see in Street Fighter 5's Spring Update live stream tomorrow

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 5, 2021 at 8:20 p.m. PDT • Comments: 12

It's kinda crazy to think that we're already almost two months into Season 5 of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and maybe even more so that the next big showcase for the game is coming tomorrow.

In less than 24 hours, Capcom will be holding their Spring Update live stream event, and here's everything we expect to see show up from Rose to other new content.

The most obvious inclusion in the stream is a full gameplay breakdown for Rose, who will serve as SF5's next DLC character.

We previously got to see her in action for the first time during the Winter Update, which confirmed the fortune teller's V-Skills, V-Triggers and special moves.

Soul Fortune is already confirmed as Rose's first V-Skill that allows her to choose from four different tarot cards. Two appear to give her buffs and the other debuffs for her opponent.

While Capcom hasn't stated their exact effects, we believe the red sun may give Rose a damage buff while the star builds V-Gauge. The hanged man could be a speed or meter building debuff, and death could drop their damage output.

Rose's Soul Satellite Ultra from Street Fighter 4 is making another appearance in SF5 as Rose's V-Skill 2 and allows her to summon up to two orbs that'll orbit around the fighter and act as projectiles.

They will need to be used differently from the previous entry, however, since she can only summon one at a time with a longer start up. Her Soul Throw has also been replaced with a different anti-air special, so her days of getting an easy 50-50 by flying over the opponent may be over.

That is unless it's paired with Rose's VT1 that allows her to teleport around the stage. While the teleport itself seem to be slower than Nash's VT1, it looks to have probably a similar range of uses to choose from in front, above or behind the opponent upon use.

Finally, V-Trigger 2 is called Soul Illusion, which summons in a shadow doppleganger of Rose that copies any move she throws out and will make it hit twice.

This is similar to Alpha 3's V-ISM system and Yun's Ginei Jin Super that each have a strong legacy in Street Fighter's past to be some of the best options with scary potential for chip damage, lockdown and combo extension โ€” so it has a lot to live up to.

One thing Capcom hasn't shown off, however, is Rose's Critical Art, which is clearly going to be included in her breakdown plus how all of her tools come together to make a compelling choice for SF5.

Oro Sneak Peak

Previously, we assumed that Capcom would be revealing in-development footage for Oro just as they did with Rose in the Winter Update, and the posts regarding the new stream pretty much confirm that's going to be the case.

This will mark the first time that the hermit is going to appear as a 3D model since his last appearance was in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike over 20 years ago, which means we've barely gotten a glimpse at how he's making the transition to the new era.

Oro's only move to be confirmed to be making a return is his Tengu Stone that served as a Super Art in SF3 though it'll likely be a V-Trigger this time around instead since Street Fighter 5 hasn't experimented at all with something like it.

Click image for animated version

The Tengu Stone summons a handful of objects that hover around the hermit that'll fly and strike the enemy when he throws out a hit for some similar effects to Ginei Jin too.

We can probably expect to learn more about his V-System and more of his specials though it'll assumedly be a few more months until we get to see all that the developers have come up with for Oro's grand return this summer.

Akira Teaser?

This one isn't quite the lock that the other two characters are, but the fourth DLC character of Season 5, Akira Kazama, could be the final stinger of the show considering that's how they teased Oro's Tengu Stone last time.

The first Rival Schools character to make the official jump over to the world warriors also hasn't been seen in a new fighting game for two decades, so fans are very eager to see her modernized design.

All we've gotten to go on so far is the sketch released for Akira last year that shows her in her signature biker gear except the jacket is wrapped around her waist and the helmet may not be present.

Bonus Stage

Since this stream is going to focused largely around Rose's inclusion, it's almost certain that Capcom will announce her release date at some point during the presentation.

Given Dan's release timing compared to the Winter Update, we have a pretty good idea as to when Rose will probably hit the stage, and spoilers, it's this month.

Similarly to Dan, Rose's five costume choices are also going to show up based on the odds, so she'll have quite a bit to dress up into beyond just the story and battle outfits.

The Spring Update stream for SF5 is scheduled to go down Tuesday, April 6 beginning at 3 p.m. PT.

You can watch the event live here with us, and stay tuned for full coverage and extended breakdowns for everything shown during the showcase. Streaming will be handled by the Capcom Fighters channels on Twitch and YouTube.

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