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Capcom reveals first in-game screenshot of Oro in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Season 5

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • April 5, 2021 at 7:08 a.m. PDT • Comments: 50

Earlier this morning, Capcom revealed the first screenshot for Oro in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Season 5. Oro is currently scheduled to be released in Summer 2021, after Rose who is being released in Spring 2021.

In the screenshot, Oro's mustard yellow complexion is clearly seen on his wrinkled forehead. His eyes are also emitting a red glow. If we didn't already know who Oro was, we'd probably be led to think that Oro was a villainous character based on the red eyes.

Oro is expected to be sporting some sort of theme that has him balancing a turtle with one hand. In Street Fighter 3, Oro was known for fighting with one hand tied as a way of holding back. He'll instead be holding and balancing a turtle in Street Fighter 5.

Of course, we've already seen how Oro will briefly cause the turtle to levitate when activating Tengu Stone. Based on the sound effects that played during the Oro sneak peek that played towards the end of the Winter Update stream, we believe that Tengu Stone is one of Oro's V-Triggers.

Notably, the turtle in question can be seen sitting on top of Oro's head in Capcom's new screenshot. Of course, all we can see of the turtle is its legs. Since Oro is supposed to be holding the turtle during gameplay, this looks like it might be Oro's introduction animation in Street Fighter 5.

Unfortunately, the screenshot is cutoff at Oro's mouth. However, it does make it clear that Oro has a gargantuan nose and extremely large ears. This makes sense considering that he's a 140-year-old hermit, and how the ears and nose are the only parts of the human body that never stop growing.

More information about Oro (and Rose) is expected to be released during the Spring Update stream that is to be broadcasted tomorrow, April 6. As always, we'll be providing coverage as the news drops tomorrow.

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