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Momochi hilariously stream snipes final 11-game win streak attempt of 24-hour Eleven punishment stream with his own Eleven

That wouldn't be the end of their run however

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 4, 2021 at 6:35 a.m. PDT • Comments: 10

Yesterday, we reported on RB|Bonchan, BST|Fuudo and HG|Moke's attempt at a 24-hour punishment stream in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition at which point they had already completed one of their three needed 11-game win streaks with Eleven, but perhaps the best part of the event came during their final run.

Momochi successfully managed to crash the party by stream sniping his rivals after they reached 10 wins and were about to go home with his own Eleven.

About 18 hours into the massive stream, the trio appeared on the verge of completing their daunting challenge, but fate would have a different path in store for them.

A wild Momochi would appear as the final gate keeper to block their progress with his own version of the random select character, who he himself managed to accrue a ridiculous 41-game win streak with last month.

The luck of the draw would give Moke Ed and Momochi Karin where the first round would end up in a one-touch scenario that Moke would lose due to what appeared to be a mis-spaced poke.

Round two, however, would go much more in the former Capcom Cup champion's favor, which leads Momochi to have quite the enthusiastic pop off where he seems to start by saying "don't underestimate me."

The other guys were obviously not as happy with the results though they can't help but laugh, especially since it seems like they had Momochi's stream on in the background as well and were able to hear his taunts.

After almost two more hours of grinding Grand Master ranked online, Fuudo, Bonchan and Moke would finally reach their goal of a third 11-game streak clocking in at around 20 hours in total — and I don't even want to know how many matches it took them.

Unfortunately, we can't really see the full run at the moment because the Mildom stream archive cuts off around the 16-hour mark for some reason, but thanks to HiFight we can see the end of the battle play out from both perspectives.

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