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Storm Kubo, Poongko and DoingMyJob use Dan Hibiki to take on Ultimate Grand Masters and Warlords in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition sets

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • April 4, 2021 at 1:52 p.m. PDT • Comments: 7

As is tradition within the Street Fighter series, Dan Hibiki is generally looked at as one of the weaker characters in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Even with access to a corner infinite, Dan is probably, at best, a mid tier in Street Fighter 5.

Achieving victory with Dan against Ultimate Grand Master and Warlord ranked players is a sign of true mastery. SFV Fan has recently uploaded videos that showcase matches where DoingMyJob, Storm Kubo and PoongKo use Dan against highly ranked opponents.

Being that DoingMyJob is ranked as a Warlord himself, it's only appropriate that he faces off against a Warlord opponent. His Dan ends up facing off against FGC Jesus' F.A.N.G.

Storm Kubo ends up running into an Ultimate Grand Master Karin user named Kazari. To achieve victory in this set, Storm Kubo had better be careful not to whiff too many normals as Karin is a master at whiff punishing.

Finally, Poongko's Warlord Dan is seen battling Kichipa, an Ultimate Grand Master Abigail. Though Poongko is able to force his opponent into the corner several times during the set, he appears to keep it simple rather than attempting a corner infinite loop.

Learn the ways of Saikyo Style by checking out the match footage below:

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