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Could an Akira Kazama tease be waiting for us during the upcoming Spring Update stream for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • April 3, 2021 at 7:29 p.m. PDT • Comments: 11

New information about Rose and Oro in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will be unveiled during the upcoming Spring Update stream that will debut on April 6. It's very likely that we'll get the release date for Rose during the presentation.

Last time towards the end of the Winter Update stream, we were provided with a sneak peek at Oro and his iconic Tengu Stone (which is very likely one of his V-Triggers). Could Capcom be preparing a similar sneak peek at Akira Kazama, the character that should be releasing after Oro?

By this point, Akira is likely still going to need a lot of work until she's fully ready for a gameplay demonstration. It's important to remember that Akira won't be available until Summer 2021, and probably only after Oro has been released.

This means that, at best, we'll probably only get a look at one of Akira's signature moves towards the end of the Spring Update stream. Being that I'm not too familiar with Rival Schools myself, I decided to look up Cammyplayer's video that covers everything about Akira's story, moves and tier placings throughout the two Rival Schools games.

One move that keeps showing up is Akira's Energy Focus Cluster. It appears to function very similarly to Chun-Li's Kikosho (V-Trigger 2 in Street Fighter 5). However, Akira can also perform this technique while airborne too.

Cammyplayer's video also demonstrates a number of team combination attacks with other Rival Schools characters. This could end up being a centralized mechanic for Akira in Street Fighter 5.

Outside of these abilities, it's stated that Akira is a practitioner of Bajiquan, a Chinese martial art style that consists of elbow attacks, palm attacks and shoulder smashes. In both Rival Schools games, Akira has only been a mid tier at best, mostly as a result of wonky reach.

Maybe Street Fighter 5 will give Akira the chance to be a competitive character that she never could be in the Rival Schools series. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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