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This weird King of Fighters glitch makes Maxima look like he needs an exorcism

It looks to be quite similar to Guile's classic handcuff bug

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 30, 2020 at 8:56 a.m. PDT • Comments: 5

The early King of Fighters games are some of the most iconic in fighting game history though with that many characters and teams to juggle, there's going to be some bugs that ended up slipping through the cracks during development.

Resident fighting game glitch master D-NO recently shared a fun bug from KOF '99 between Maxima and Whip that causes the massively tall fighter to spin like he's been placed on a turntable.

After calling in Iori's striker at the same time as using his explosive Bunker Buster attack, Maxima crashes down in front of Whip without hitting her at all.

Whip then does as her name suggests and attempts to whip Maxima back, but instead the game acts as though they both got hit with Whip being the only one to receive damage, bringing in a match-breaking result.

After standing back up, Maxima begins to constantly change between his various hit and fall animations in rapid succession while no longer being able to move or act.

He also appears to be tethered to Whip as he'll follow her around the screen even as she jumps though neither character can get close to one another or seemingly hit the other.

This makes the glitch look very similar to the popular / infamous handcuff glitch from Street Fighter 2 where Guile can tie his opponent to himself and stop them from acting for the rest of the round.

D-NO doesn't go into more detail about how the glitch works, but it seems like the match should go back to normal once the timer counts all of the way down.

If you need a good chuckle while we continue to wait for any news regarding King of Fighters 15, we highly suggest checking out the clip below.

Click image for animated version

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