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Dan's in-development frame data already figured out for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, here's how it compares to the other Shotos in the game

He may have a real fighting chance depending on his advantage states

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 29, 2020 at 7:46 a.m. PDT • Comments: 16

Dan's character showcase from this past weekend revealed pretty much all of the upcoming fighter's normals and specials which have already been dissected by Frame Assist Tool developer Hatson.

Comparing Hibiki's start-up data to the rest of the Shotokan characters currently in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition suggests Dan may put up more of a fighting chance in his latest incarnation though there's probably still going to be some aspects holding him back.

The traditional joke character's best normals on the ground appear to be his standing medium punch which has 5–6 start up frames and his crouching fierce at 7–8 frames.

That puts Dan actually above Ken and Akuma for those moves though Kage and Ryu either already have those slightly faster strikes or are even quicker to come out.

His low forward medium kick is also about the average for Shotos in SF5 at seven frames though he does have one big setback compared to the rest.

Dan, at least in his beta stage now, does not have a three-frame start up move which is almost a prerequisite to be a high / top-tier contender in SF5.

The fastest moves Dan has at his disposal are all versions of his grounded light attacks at four frames along with his EX Koryuken though we've yet to see what the light version will be.

Dankukyaku was perhaps the Saikyo "master's" most potent tool in SF4 though it may be a bit harder to use in neutral in SF5 without burning some meter. Hatson calculates the light version of the kicks to have about a 16-frame start up window which is slower than Sagat's comparable Tiger Knee Crush.

The EX version is only 10 frames, however, which will catch people off guard especially online.

While most of Dan's moves appear to be average at best, the real meat of his moves will come when we get to learn more about their hitboxes and frame advantage which will tell us much more about just how good he'll be in SF5.

One thing we also need to keep in mind is the fact that Capcom is still developing and tuning the fighter before his winter release, so they might change up some of this stuff pretty drastically still.

Players have already noticed a change in Dan's throw advantage when compared to the first glimpses of footage released for him last month.

You can check out Hatson's full breakdown for Dan's in-development normals and specials below.

Dan beta frame data image #1 Dan beta frame data image #2
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