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New Dan gameplay details revealed for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition including normals, specials and V-Skill

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 26, 2020 at 6:15 a.m. PDT • Comments: 69

Almost two months after his initial reveal, Capcom finally showed off more of what Dan will be able to do when he launches in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition for Season 5.

Street Fighter 5 producer Shuhei Matusmoto and director Takayuki Nakayama appeared for a presentation at Tokyo Game Show to reveal more details about Dan's specific gameplay mechanics.

The developers started out with a demonstration of all of Dan's grounded normals which look to be better than ever while retaining his unique personality with his heavy punch looking like a great poking tool that moves him forward.

Moving onto his specials, Dan can now hold down and charge his Gadoken projectile similarly to Sakura which can make it go almost full screen instead of petering out right in front of his face like we're used to.

The returning fan-favorite also has a new special this time in the Danretsuken. It's a quick series of strikes that knocks the opponent down though the EX version is especially interesting considering it launches the other character very high up into the air for great potential for juggle follow-ups — something Dan isn't traditionally known for.

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What may make him an actual threat in SF5 this time around is how Hibiki will use his V-Skills though both of them are of course taunts.

Only one of them is shown off during the stream which allows Dan to cancel out of his specials with a forwards or backwards roll.

This will probably be one of his primary aspects towards success considering we see him be able to cancel out of an uppercut to continue his combo in the corner while the backwards roll will likely allow him to essentially get away from his own blockstrings to reset to neutral — though likely at frame disadvantage with Dan feeling the need to give a thumbs up to the crowd.

Dan's V-Skill taunt also actually has a hitbox.

While Capcom didn't show anything for his second V-Skill or either V-Trigger, they did confirm the other skill taunt will be able to cancel out of normals.

The new trailer also shows off some basic combo routes which includes standing medium punch linking into crouching medium punch canceled to EX Danretsuken with the juggle finish.

Finishing things off, the trailer ends with a look at Dan's Critical Art, and of course it's his super taunt from previous games dating back to the Alpha days.

They don't show off what it can actually do though like whether the first taunt hit will take it into a standard CA animations. The devs do tease though that something special might happen if you let the whole animation play out. Of course they cut away before we get to see it.

Dan is scheduled to be the first fighter released for SF5's final Season 5 which Capcom confirmed will be sometime during this winter season. Interestingly, they did not specifically say he'd be out before the end of 2020.

He'll be followed up by Rose, Oro, Akira from Rival Schools and a yet to be announced character over the course of the next full year.

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