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Belial and Season 2 update now available for Granblue Fantasy: Versus

The boy is here to mix you up and looking good while doing it

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 24, 2020 at 7:28 a.m. PDT • Comments: 20

It's felt like a very long wait for Granblue Fantasy: Versus players, but the era of new everything has finally arrived to the spin-off fighting game.

The Season 2 update is now available to download for Granblue Fantasy: Versus and alongside it comes the first fighter of the new character pass in Belial.

Every character on the GBVS roster received a complete balance overhaul for Season 2 which looks to nerf some of the best characters like Ferry and Percival while giving a boost to the weaker selections like Soriz and Lowain.

Belial serves as the first DLC character to hit the game since Zooey's release back in May, and his tool set already appears to be one of the most interesting in Versus now with a heavy emphasis on mixing up the opponent.

Belial launch gallery image #1 Belial launch gallery image #2 Belial launch gallery image #3 Belial launch gallery image #4 Belial launch gallery image #5
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The demon's unique attack functions as something of a walking counter while looking very similar to his command grab though the real mileage out of the character might come from his fireballs.

He can transform them mid-flight into a scythe which can swing in different ways to extend combos, lock down the enemy in a block string or use it as a meaty setup to go to town on the high-low mixup.

Every player's online ranking is now reset with the Season 2 update as well which means everyone will need to climb the leaderboards again. That should hopefully be easier with the patch also bringing reportedly improved matchmaking though we'll have to test that in action ourselves.

Belial is available to purchase on PS4 and Steam for $6.99 USD or as part of the Character Pass 2 for $34.99 which includes Cagliostro, who's going to launch next month, along with four more unannounced fighters.

You can find the fully translated patch notes for Granblue Versus Season 2 here on EventHubs, and we also have a breakdown of the winners and losers of the balance update here.

The game's competitive scene will also see a nice boost too with the ARCREVO Online events starting up in October as well.

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