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Street Fighter JP Pro League Pre-Season Finals results

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • September 21, 2020 at 6:40 a.m. PDT • Comments: 12

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Street Fighter JP Pro League is about to start up again with team battles, but before it's official kickoff next week there's a Pre-Season event being held with individual entrants.

The players participating in this event are BST|Daigo, Rohto|Tokido, Victrix|Momochi, Liquid|Nemo, RZR|Fuudo, GyoGun|Mago, GyoGun|Moke, SNB|Fujimura, Kenpi, Yuusama, Higuchi and Kudou.

There were a series of qualifiers to decide the players participating in this event. The first group of players — BST|Daigo, Rohto|Tokido, Victrix|Momochi, Liquid|Nemo, RZR|Fuudo and GyoGun|Mago — were officially invited since they're the team leaders in the upcoming team league.

Next, there were three series of different qualifying events. One for pro players, in which GyoGun|Moke and SNB|Fujimura made the cut, one for players under 22 years of age where Higuchi and Kudou joined the roster and one for general players who don't have sponsors through which Kenpi and Yuusama battled to gain their spots.

This is a one-day event taking place to build hype for the upcoming Team League which starts this weekend (and don't worry, it'll be fully covered here on EventHubs) but there's also big things at stake here in the pre-season. There's a prize pot worth 3 million yen ($28,673.55) for the players to fight each other over, so you know they're hungry to grab the lion's share of it.

Matchups are decided by drawing lots and letting players decide their place in the bracket. Given that this is a 12-person event, this means that players who have their name draw early can effectively get a bye by picking one of the four places that are one step further in the bracket. The four players who ended up starting one step further into the bracket were Kenpi, Liquid|Nemo, Kudou and Higuchi.

Streaming is being done both at YouTube and over at Capcom Fighters JP on Twitch.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition — Results

1. Higuchi (Guile)
2. BST|Daigo (Guile)
3. RZR|Fuudo (Poison, R. Mika)
4. GyoGun|Mago (Karin, Cammy)
5. Kenpi (Ken)
5. Liquid|Nemo (Gill)
5. Kudou (Chun-Li)
5. SNB|Fujimura (Chun-Li, Akuma)

9. Rohto|Tokido (Urien)
9. Victrix|Momochi (Seth)
9. GyoGun|Moke (Rashid)
9. Yuusama (Necalli)

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition — Battle Log

• Finals: Higuchi (Guile) eliminated BST|Daigo (Guile) 3-2.

• Third place match: RZR|Fuudo (Poison) eliminated GyoGun|Mago (Cammy, Karin) 3-2.

• Semi-finals: Higuchi (Guile) eliminated RZR|Fuudo (R. Mika) 3-2.

• Semi-finals: BST|Daigo (Guile) eliminated GyoGun|Mago (Karin) 3-2.

• Higuchi (Guile) eliminated SNB|Fujimura (Chun-Li) 3-1.

• RZR|Fuudo (Poison) eliminated Kudou (Chun-Li) 3-0.

• BST|Daigo (Guile) eliminated Liquid|Nemo (Gill) 3-1.

• GyoGun|Mago (Karin) eliminated Kenpi (Ken) 3-0.

• SNB|Fujimura (Akuma) eliminated Yuusama (Necalli) 3-0.

• RZR|Fuudo (R. Mika, Poison) eliminated GyoGun|Moke (Rashid) 3-2.

• BST|Daigo (Guile) eliminated Victrix|Momochi (Seth) 3-2.

• GyoGun|Mago (Karin) eliminated Rohto|Tokido (Urien) 3-1.

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