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Brazilian Street Fighter 5 tournament ends in the ultimate heartbreaker after going down to the last game, last round, and last pixel

Combo drops hurt but I can't imagine a tournament victory coming down to that

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 19, 2020 at 4:21 a.m. PDT • Comments: 18

Everyone here knows what it's like to drop a combo and how painful it can be, especially under high-stress situations, but an entire tournament riding on a moment like that is an entirely different level of heartbreak.

This week's WR Kumite Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournament in Brazil featured such a combo drop in grand finals that might make you shed a tear for an E. Honda player.

Gust and his white-haired Honda made it all of the way up to winners final before being sent to losers by Pauloweb's strong Kolin play.

After defeating his losers final opponent 3-0, Gust looked poised to get his revenge in the first set where he'd reset the bracket at 3-1.

The second set could not have been tighter, however, as both Ultimate Grand Master players went back and forth until they reached game five.

Down to the final game and final round while tied in life, Gust is able to catch Kolin with an EX buttslam followed by a combo into V-Trigger that should have ended the round, but Honda's hand slaps didn't link in time, causing it to be dropped.

Pauloweb takes the missed opportunity to ultimately seal the deal with the power of Kolin's EX Parabellum and V-Trigger 2 charges.

"This drop still gives me nightmares lol," said Gust on Twitter once the clip starting making the rounds on social media.

Losing your tournament-winning combo is not an envious position to find yourself in, but we are the fighting game community who takes their lumps and tries to adapt from them no matter how painful they are in the moment.

You can check out the heartbreaker clip below thanks to HiFight, and we also suggest going and checking out Gust and Pauloweb's full set and the entire WR Kumite tournament for some amazing matches from South America.

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