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Tekken 7 player catches everyone by surprise with Geese Howard's unique Wall Jump attack to end a match, sending the crew into confusion and hysterics

Well, his name is Geese, so of course he flies

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 16, 2020 at 5:18 p.m. PDT • Comments: 8

Tekken 7 characters have a ton of moves that we don't often get to see in high-level play, but there's a select few that makes everyone lose it when they happen and actually work.

Norwegian Leo player Ueki recently shared a hilarious clip showing the ending of his match against King Jae's Geese Howard that made everyone involved absolutely lose it.

With his back to the wall under heavy pressure from Ueki, Jae pulls a surprise Wall Jump with Geese which acts differently than any other in the game.

Instead of doing an overhead ax kick off the wall or something similar for the Wall Jump attack, Geese kicks off of it and shoots straight out with his arms stretched like he's actually flying.

The Fatal Fury boss' attack lands as the final blow of the match which sends Leo hurtling into the wall herself as the KO screen lingers on the unexpected sight.

Immediately, Ueki and everyone else in the lobby start to laugh and exclaim 'what!' in response to what just occurred on screen.

While the move may look odd, Geese's Wall Jump is actually a reference to the Fatal Fury days with the attack serving as his stage transition special between the background and foreground.

It's unlikely to get you very far in a tournament, but a move like that is certainly fun to play around with — especially online where it looks more difficult to block thanks to the latency.

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