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Is Street Fighter 5 in a good spot now?

EventHubs Podcast episode 121

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 16, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. PDT • Comments: 99

The four and a half year life of Street Fighter 5 thus far started on a low note and has been a roller coaster of ups and downs from there, but despite plenty of dips and bumps, the game is still around, moving forward with a good bit of momentum, and is being played regularly by the Street Fighter scene.

There's surely still plenty of negative emotion and spite for the game from those who were understandably let down by its shoddy launch and laundry list of issues thenceforth, but as we look at it in its current state having seen significant improvements over recent chapters, we have to ask whether or not we can say SF5 is finally in a truly good spot and thus worth a second look from those who have previously given up hope.

Catalyst and I tackle this question by going back to the start of the Street Fighter 5 timeline and simply plowing through the problems that have plagued it.

Lack of single player content, way too much natural input lag, frustrating gameplay facets (such as throw loops and anti-air jabs), poor communication from developers, and a handful of other black eye truths are surely painful to relive, but Capcom has taken clear actions to right a lot of these wrongs.

This isn't to say that the game couldn't or shouldn't get even better as developers roll out the final upcoming season, but having a clear understanding of just how far SF5 has come is important as we posture ourselves to enjoy its final chapters as well as to prepare expectations for Street Fighter 6.

Check out the latest episode of the EventHubs Podcast below and please chime into the comments (either right here on the site or on your podcast listening platform of choice) with your thoughts and reactions to the subject and our opinions.


00:46 - Cuties and Mountain Dew margaritas from Red Lobster
03:45 - Is Street Fighter 5 in a good place? (Examining the release in 2016)
08:25 - On netcode, PS4 vs. PC
20:06 - Single player modes
28:52 - Visual presentation: graphics, animations, etc.
36:21 - In-game economy
43:21 - Speed round: Battle challenges, training mode, CFN, store, other thoughts
48:40 - Twitter poll results
50:30 - Why people can still hard to love SF5

Editor's note: We've noticed the timestamps appear to change depending on the medium you're using to listen. The ones above may place you a few seconds before when each respective topic actually comes up.

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