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NetherRealm Studios had to change early Injustice 2 ideas due to the comic killing off so many DC characters

Except for the rare instances they don't exactly match up

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 16, 2020 at 10:08 a.m. PDT • Comments: 14

Anyone who's taken the time to read the Injustice line of comic books knows just how many DC characters they were able to fit into the story outside of the fighting game and also how brutally most of them meet their ends.

During the Inside Injustice panel at DC FanDome, the main writers of the comics and NetherRealm Studios' games opened up a bit how the broad use of heroes / villains and their deaths impacted the roster and story choices for Injustice 2.

"Basically, this was my first big shot at DC, and I saw a chance to play with all the best toys straight away," said Injustice's comic series writer Tom Taylor. "That's why there were so many characters because I just wanted to write them all."

"Unfortunately, I had the game script, so I could see where the world went. I could see who had to be taken off the board, but what I ended up doing was just unleashing a little bit too much and taking too many people off the board" - Tom Taylor

Taylor revealed he was given a copy of the first game's script before penning a page which allowed him to see where things were going that he'd have to build up in the prequel events. He then admits that he may have 'unleashed' things a bit too much in the initial runs which ended up taking a lot of DC characters big and small off the board.

"I remember when Ed [Boon] and Dominic [Cianciolo] were meeting to talk about Injustice 2, and they're like 'oh, we can have this character... no, Tom's killed him. Oh what about... No, Tom's killed her,'" said Taylor. "That was fun for me and a terrible nightmare for them."

NetherRealm Studios Story Director Dominic Cianciolo followed that up by original game and comic lines were running independently from one another which changed going into Injustice 2 with both sides coming together to build on each other's work more in what he describes as a feedback loop.

"He introduced a whole bunch of new elements that we hadn't even thought of with the amazing canvas that he had," said Cianciolo "Once we came to Injustice 2, we had to deal with, yes, all of the people that Tom killed off, but then there were so many other items that he had done that we wanted to pay honor to."

"Once we came to Injustice 2, we had to deal with, yes, all of the people that Tom killed off, but then there were so many other items that he had done that we wanted to pay honor to" - Dominic Cianciolo

Though characters like Huntress, Rick Flag, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Sinestro, Atom Man, Booster Gold, Ragman and others were killed in the comics, NRS did certainly bend some continuity to get in some of the big players they really wanted.

Scarecrow is found dead seemingly at the hands of the Joker in the first Injustice comics, but he re-appears as a playable character and part of the story of Injustice 2 without any real explanation.

The biggest example of that, however, comes with the inclusion of Black Canary and Green Arrow as driving forces within the second fighting game despite being essentially written out of the story for the comics.

Green Arrow is one of the first heroes killed by Superman which acted as a catalyst for much of the following story with his playable version in the original game coming from the different Earth.

Black Canary is mortally wounded and dies by Superman's heat vision in Year Two before being brought to a different dimension by Dr. Fate to save her. He pairs her up with an alternate universe's Green Arrow who had also lost his wife to try and give them a happier ending.

That is until both of them are back in the world for Injustice 2 again without much explanation for them coming back / being brought in to fight again except that version of Ollie is the one from the extra dimension.

Injustice 2's print run appeared to stay more in line with the continuity NetherRealm was building, but we'll see how things play out going forward.

Taylor and DC Comics recently began releasing Injustice: Year Zero as a prequel to the original series and game though there's currently no game that we know about that's coming to coincide with it.

NRS Creative Director Ed Boon was of course asked about Injustice 3 during the DC FanDome, but simply said they have nothing to say on that front at the moment with Mortal Kombat 11 still going strong with more content on the way.

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