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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro unveils Turbo Teabag tech to troll opponents faster and harder than ever before

The mental damage is real

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 15, 2020 at 7:57 a.m. PDT • Comments: 8

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is filled to the brim with advanced techniques which are still being discovered almost two years after the game first launched, but there's a select few that are built around breaking your opponent's mental guard.

Professional Smash player PG|Marss recently released an entertaining new tech video showcasing what he calls Turbo Teabagging which looks to be perhaps the most effective way to mess with other players online — though maybe do it at your own risk at locals.

As Marss showcases, this advanced form of teabagging can be achieved by pressing left or right on the control stick and then quickly shifting back and forth between it and the down-forward or down-back associated with the direction being held.

This will seemingly allow players to crouch / walk cancel into another crouch, and after testing for myself, Turbo Teabagging does indeed appear to be faster than simply mashing down on the stick.

Currently, it doesn't offer much in actual gameplay advantage outside of mentally shaking up an opponent, but the crouch cancelling likely has more applications besides online trolling.

After going over the basics, Marss heads online to test the faster teabagging, and while he does style on some enemies with Snake, it's pretty much impossible to know just how it affected the person holding the other controller.

Teabagging is the go to taunt move in Smash Ultimate since the game's actual taunts are disabled for online play.

You can check out Marss' full tounge-in-cheek teabagging tech guide for Smash Ultimate below.

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