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Master Roshi has aerial movement options to make up for the lack of a Super Dash in Dragon Ball FighterZ — Here's a breakdown of the Turtle Hermit

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • September 14, 2020 at 7:35 p.m. PDT • Comments: 1

When it was determined that Master Roshi would be without a Super Dash in Dragon Ball FighterZ, many came to the hypothesis that the Turtle Hermit was doomed to be a low tier. Similarly, Videl's dodge mechanic in place of a true Z Reflect really appears to hurt her viability (among other things like her low damage).

During the Master Roshi breakdown, it was shown that the upcoming character has some unique options to make up for his flightless characteristics. It turns out that Master Roshi is actually fairly mobile.

While grounded, Master Roshi can perform a slightly worse version of the Vanish that costs no meter by pressing forward and the heavy attack button. Upon doing so, Master Roshi will assume a stance before disappearing on frame 31.

At frame 37 after performing the command, Master Roshi will appear behind the opponent and then strike them. This will be very effective as an anti-zoning tool. This can also be used as a mix up tool in combination with certain assists.

Down and the special button will cause the Turtle Hermit to perform a back flip. Overall, it seems like a great option to use for faking out opponents whether the character is on the ground or in the air.

On the ground, Master Roshi also has access to something called the "Masterful Leap" which essentially acts as a command jump that can be influenced to move in different directions. This turns into the reverse Kamehameha in the air which can also be directed.

Since Roshi has to actually guide his reverse Kamehameha, it's said to be +5 on block. As a result, it's a pretty nifty tool for both getting in and setting up pressure, but it takes a little more work than the standard Super Dash.

Goku's old master is also armed with a couple of unblockable attacks that will surely keep the opponent guessing. Once Master Roshi is able to get in, the opponent will be forced to deal with some rather deadly mix ups.

Finally, it was shown during the stream that Master Roshi is armed with some rather deadly damage. Touch of death combos will very likely be possible with Master Roshi on the team.

However, since Master Roshi's mobility is less conventional than other fighters, he is considered to be an advanced character that will require a lot of time in the lab to truly master.

Check out the stream reupload as it was captured by Johno Daz below:

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