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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's 'Season V' roster connections appears to be a major factor for the character selection process

What could this mean for that fifth and final challenger?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • September 12, 2020 at 7:36 p.m. PDT • Comments: 46

During the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Summer Update stream, it was revealed that Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama (from Rival Schools) would be joining the roster via Season 5. Of course, there is still one more fighter that has yet to be unveiled.

Takayuki Nakayama, Street Fighter 5 Director, and Shuhei Matsumoto, Street Fighter 5 Producer, would go on to explain why each character was selected. A common theme suggested that these combatants were chosen due to connections with other characters that are currently in Street Fighter 5.

When Dan Hibiki was shown to be the first new character of the Season V roster, it really felt like a joke initially. However, Takayuki Nakayama's explanation for the Saikyo Master felt serious enough.

"Dan is friends with Sakura and Blanka, who are already existing characters in Street Fighter 5, so he's a good fit for the universe," - noted Nakayama.

In Dan's mind, Dan is the teacher and mentor that oversees Sakura's training. Of course, Sakura merely goes along with this while still being a friend to Dan.

"Dan is friends with Sakura and Blanka, who are already existing characters in Street Fighter 5, so he's a good fit for the universe." - Shuhei Matsumoto, Street Fighter 5 Producer.

Blanka was also a friend to Dan before Blanka became mutated. As such, Dan still refers to Blanka by his birth name, Jimmy.

Despite Dan's status as a joke character, he actually has a rather dark history with Sagat. In a fury caused by the injury to his eye, Sagat killed Dan's father, Go Hibiki, in a battle.

When Gouken discovered Dan's motivation to use the Ansatsuken arts for revenge against Sagat, he refused to act as his teacher. Because of this, Dan also holds deep jealousy towards Ryu and Ken since they were both able to successfully master Gouken's teachings.

Following the reveal of Rose in Street Fighter 5, it was explained why she was chosen. Although there were various reasons stated, Rose's connection with Menat ended up being a topic that came up.

"I have a strong feeling that many of you are excited about Rose being chosen, and it looks like Menat's master is going to be joining the fight," stated Matsumoto.

Menat has this tendency to mimic Rose's teachings during Menat's story and victory quotes. Like Rose, Menat is a fortune teller capable of viewing the future.

Following her canonical defeat to G, Menat asked Rose, her master, to "avenge her." It's likely that Rose will confront G during her prologue story once released in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

Oro is also a character that apparently has numerous connections to other characters present in Street Fighter 5. "He is an important character who's story is tied to other characters," declared Nakayama.

Still, these connections aren't incredibly apparent since Oro's only playable appearance up to this point was Street Fighter 3. Across a few ladder play throughs, Oro can be seen interacting with Ryu, Ibuki, and Akuma.

During Dhalsim's prologue in Street Fighter 5, Oro actually makes an appearance. According to his CFN profile, Oro is "so old, he treats Dhalsim like a little kid."

Finally, there's Akira Kazama who is a complete newcomer to the Street Fighter series. Despite her newcomer status, she actually does have a connection to Sakura.

"We considered several other characters, but ultimately landed on Akira," stated Nakayama. "In Rival Schools, she was acquaintances with Sakura, so she already had a connection to Street Fighter."

As Sakura has been known as a school girl for most of her existence in the lore, she had a guest appearance in Rival Schools: United By Fate as one of the playable characters.

Considering all this, it seems like the fifth and final challenger of Season V could also have some established connection with one or more characters that are already present in the Street Fighter 5 roster.

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