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IDom shares Laura and Poison Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match up charts

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 11, 2020 at 12:55 p.m. PDT • Comments: 22

Capcom Cup 2019's champion iDom hopped on Twitter last night to share match up charts for his main Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition characters. We learned how this top contender feels both Laura and Poison stack up against the rest of the playable cast.

From what we're shown here, it looks as thought iDom feels that Poison is a better character overall than Laura. The Season 4 fighter sits with less bad match ups and more good match ups on her list.

IDom has arranged these charts in order of how well Laura and Poison do against the characters down through how poorly they do. As such, categories range from "Great" down to "Terrible."

Starting with Laura, we see that iDom feels she has three match ups that she's great in: Alex, Balrog, and F.A.N.G. This is followed by eight good match ups, meaning she's favorable in a total of 11 out of the 39 other character match ups in the game.

Poison, on the other hand, has four great match ups in Cody, Falke, Laura, and Zangief. The "Good" category is populated with 15 fighters, bringing her favorable match total up to 19.

One follow-up note that iDom made on Twitter is in regards to his placement of Gill on both charts. He listed Gill as even with both Laura and Poison, saying he doesn't have the proper match up experience there to know where to place him — which feels like something we've seen several times in the community since Gill's release.

You can check out both full match up charts below.

iDom's Poison and Laura match up charts image #1 iDom's Poison and Laura match up charts image #2
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Source: Tier Maker.

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