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Professional boxer fistfights cult leader to earn father's car back

No, this isn't a tabloid headline... it's an actual Street Fighter plot line

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 10, 2020 at 7:34 p.m. PDT • Comments: 16

The Street Fighter franchise is filled with a colorful cast of memorable characters that fans all around the world know and love. From top-notch designs to classic special moves that are as iconic as the fighters themselves, it is no surprise that the world warriors are both strong in combat and in their appeal.

I wish the same could be said for Street Fighter's plot lines. Even taking some of the more well-known story arcs from the franchise and explaining them at base level, they sound a lot like the crazy headlines you'd see on tabloid magazines while waiting in line at the supermarket. Dudley's story and his involvement with Gill is no exception.

If you're aware of Dudley's existence and the world of Street Fighter 3, you've probably heard the old tale that Gill stole the pugilist's car. That's something I've always heard and believed to be true, but digging deeper into it, that isn't actually the case.

Gill, the leader of the evil Illuminati organization, didn't actually steal Dudley's car — or rather, his father's car — but instead purchased it after it was repossessed. You see, Dudley came from a wealthy family, but down the road his father lost his business, his riches, and that sweet, sweet antique Jaguar.

Dudley would go on to train and become a professional boxer as a means of getting his family back on track, and he was successful in doing so. As an established pugilist, his main motivation became finding and retrieving his father's car and adding new roses to his estate garden.

In Super Street Fighter 4, which precedes the events of Street Fighter 3, Dudley is sitting in his garden admiring the flowers and longing to add something new to his collection. All the while, the boxer is haunted by the thought of his father's car being somewhere out in the world, not in his grasp, when he receives an invitation to participate in S.I.N's tournament.

Dudley receives an invitation to join the S.I.N tournament.

He decides to compete as it will serve as an opportunity to potentially find some new roses and might help in taking his mind off of his dad's missing ride. Once the tournament concludes, Dudley heads back home with no new flowers and no father's Jaguar, but is surprised to find that a fresh, wild rose has bloomed in his garden and brought with it a glimmer of hope after coming home empty-handed.

Leading into Street Fighter 3: New Generation and Second Impact, Dudley manages to locate the whereabouts of his father's car and learns who the owner is. Turns out that Gill, the cult leader, purchased it and now has it in his possession.

Another evil organization means another tournament to enter. Dudley joins the fight in hopes of defeating Gill and getting the car back.

Dudley doesn't actually win the competition, but he does defeat Gill and as a result, Gill returns the jaguar. "You've won, champion! I can't believe it, but a deal's a deal..." Gill says during Dudley's Next Generation and 2nd Impact Arcade Mode ending.

He then orders Kolin to give the car keys to Dudley, and the boxer happily drives home after finally completing his mission.

Gill returns Dudley's father's car to him.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike's ending for Dudley is interesting that it provides a handful of new details about the character. For one, it appears as though Dudley acquired knighthood at some point between 2nd Impact and Third Strike as his butler Ortho K. Gotch refers to him as "Sir Dudley."

We also learn that Dudley's father passed away as we see the fighter kneeled down in front of a statue in his garden that serves as a monument to his lost parent. "Dad... you left this majestic rose garden for me..." Dudley says, further implying that his father is no longer with him.

In Third Strike, life seems to be going pretty good for ol' Duddy. He's invited to take part in a competition in front of the royal family, so he decides to head out once again to train and prepare for the event.

Dudley is running late for his big match!

"Oh, that's right. Today is the day of that important royal match..." Dudley says to Gotch after losing track of time in the garden. With only five hours before the competition begins, Dudley and Gotch are left to run back to the mansion and find a way out of the massive rose garden maze his father left to him.

Dudley's story throughout the Street Fighter franchise is both oddly tame and also extreme. At its core, his main motivation for fighting is literally a car and roses, which seems like two timid and unconventional things to create a life of bashing people's faces in around.

On the other hand, Dudley's journey leads him to a face-to-face encounter with a crazy cult leader — who is also essentially a god — and gives us the strange, albeit kind of awesome, scenario that you'd never expect to hear outside of a bogus tabloid magazine.

Even if Street Fighter's storylines aren't the most developed things in the world, they do still have a charm to them that will often make you smile regardless of how wacky they can be.

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