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Dragon Ball FighterZ top 100 ranked teams broken down by character reveals almost 40 percent Ultra Instinct Goku on PC

Everyone showed up at least once, however

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 5, 2020 at 7:38 a.m. PDT • Comments: 4

Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 is easily the most diverse the game has ever looked in terms of play styles and character viability, but how has that shaped the view of competition for those on top?

Well, fighting game player Mr. Mystery Cake recently decided to put that to the test by breaking down the character usage statistics for the top 100 players in Dragon Ball FighterZ currently on PC.

It probably comes as little surprise that Ultra Instinct Goku is the most used fighter in the game considering he's still the newest addition and a very strong one at that, but the ascended Saiyan representing 39 percent of the top 100 is still a staggering feat.

The closest in comparison to UI Goku is Bardock, because of course he is going on almost three years at this point, though he was picked in less than one fourth of the top team selections.

Ten characters in total currently have at least 11 percent usage rates where Super Saiyan Blue Goku made it all the way to fourth place.

What is nice to see for the health of the game is that all 40 characters have at least one member in the top 100 even if the nerfed Android 16 and Gotenks only ended up with one apiece.

DBFZ top 100 online teams image #1
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This only takes into account the players on PC currently, but glances at the PS4 leaderboards suggest very similar patterns in terms of ranks and numbers.

While things may look a little top heavy, the big takeaway is these statistics are a pretty good sign for the health of Dragon Ball FighterZ overall with diversity in character choices and strategies which could be shaken up more with the upcoming balance patch plus Master Roshi's release.

Mr. Mystery Cake plans to eventually calculate the top 1,000 players to get an even broader sense of what Season 3 has meant for DBFZ.

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