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Richter says Dracula's name when put to sleep: PJiggles' new Useless Smash Facts delves into changes made within Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Strangely, it's cut off most of the time though

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 4, 2020 at 10:06 a.m. PDT • Comments: 2

With over 80 playable characters and hundreds more included throughout the game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is built on decades of small details that largely go unnoticed by even the most avid players.

Smash Bros. Content creator PJiggles began his Useless Smash Facts series just over a year ago to showcase all of the obscure / overlooked aspects of Ultimate, and he recently released a new entry to cover everything that has changed about the original videos plus new discoveries made for the one-year anniversary.

Starting out with one of the random tidbits of information that helped kick off the series in the first place, PJiggles shows that Banjo-Kazooie now makes eight characters in Ultimate who make noises during their idle animations with the others being Incineroar, Bowser, Ridley, Bowser Jr., Mega Man, Zero Suit Samus and Joker.

The second video covered the odd inclusion that Richter Belmont can try and say Dracula in his sleep except the snoring audio interrupts it half way through and doesn't get out the full name. If he's at a high damage percentage, however, Richter will actually quietly whisper the vampire's name on the second loop through.

With all of the Fighter Pass DLC and Spirit events that have released over the past year or so, PJiggles decided to re-do his math do see which series has the most representation in Smash Ultimate combining fighters, Assist Trophies, songs, items, Spirits and more.

Unsurprsingly, the Super Mario franchise is the highest with over 310 different pieces of content followed by Pokemon at 272. Interestingly, Super Smash Bros. itself would actually take third place with all of its original items, Mii Fighter costumes and music tracks.

Smash Ultimate will continue to evolve as the game receives more updates with the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 and beyond, but since we don't know what those will include, you can catch up on the past year of Useless Smash Facts below.

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