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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Costume Design Contest final rankings

Will we really be getting 2 Juri costumes?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 1, 2020 at 6 a.m. PDT • Comments: 67

After building up all Summer, the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Costume Design Contest has officially come to an end with voting wrapping up last night.

The final ranks for these fan-designed costumes fighting to make their way into the game are now available which show a tight battle for second place that came down to fewer than 1,000 votes overall.

As was the case when we checked in on Sunday, both selected Juri outfits took the number one position at over 20,000 votes and two spot at 18,000 to make it into the game with the festival Sakura finishing in a close third at 18,000.

Capcom says they'll make the official announcement in the coming days, so there's still a chance the developers wouldn't exactly want to put two community costumes into SF5 for the same character.

Alex ended up as the highest-voted male fighter by finishing fourth though swimsuit Vega wasn't too far behind him either.

The company hasn't said yet when we should expect to see these two chosen costumes make their way into Street Fighter 5, but it'll probably be some time considering they only exist on sketches on a page right now.

You can check out the final voting results below calculated by combining likes on the main Street Fighter Twitter account along with Capcom UK and the Japanese SF Community page.

Current costume vote rankings

1. Juri: Entry #9 - 20.4k

2. Juri: Entry #3 - 18.8k

3. Sakura: Entry #6 - 18k
4. Alex: Entry #1 - 10.9k
5. Vega: Entry #11 - 9.1k
6. Laura: Entry #12 - 8.1k
7. Zangief: Entry #10 - 7.7k
8. E. Honda: Entry #4- 7.4k
9. Menat: Entry #8 - 6.3k
10. R. Mika: Entry #5 - 6.2k
11. Balrog: Entry #7 - 5.8k
12. Guile: Entry #2 - 3.9k

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