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RAGE GBVS 2020 Winter early results, stream ft. Mocchii, Score, Gamera, Xeph, Buggy, I-yo, Onsen, M', Laggia, Omito, KojiKOG, Ren, Hasharaga and more

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • November 14, 2020 at 4:47 a.m. PST • Comments: 16

Update: This story has been updated with full semifinals results.

The second installment of the the RAGE Granblue Fantasy Versus events in Japan is taking place this weekend with online preliminaries, and offline semi-finals and finals to follow on later weekends.

Notable players set to compete include Mocchii, AMTRS|Score, Gamera, Xeph, Buggy, I-yo, Onsen, SANWA|M', SANWA|Laggia, AMTRS|Omito, AMTRS|KojiKOG, PGW|Ren, Hasharaga, Hauko, Butter, YOG|Kubo, RYO, DIE-chan, EXE|Noble, Musui, TNT|Rookies, AbaO, LGK|Monster, Eda, Tarezou, Jirou, Kuniwo, Yoshii, Daiwa, PG|BNBBN, GPG|B, Yutta, Woo, KasumiLOVE, Hishow, Oku-san Nikuya Desu, Emujima, Fumi, TNT|Steven and many more.

After the high success of the RAGE GBVS Summer event earlier this year, this Winter event has followed in its footsteps and will be hosted in basically the same format with preliminaries being played online with the Winner's Bracket portion on October 31st and the Loser's Bracket portion on November 1st, then followed by Top 24 to Top 8 being played offline on November 14th and finally the Top 8 finals being played, also offline, on November 29th.

The bracket is set for 512 players, though there are some byes in it meaning the bracket isn't fully filled out. There seems to be around 350 players participating in the preliminary rounds.

As you might expect, the prize money is no joke. The winner will be going home 3 million yen ($28,738) richer, while second place and third place will net 800,000 yen ($7,663) and 500,000 yen ($4,790), respectively. The whole top 8 will be getting payouts, though, so fourth place also ends up with a respectable 300,000 yen ($2,874) while the two ties for fifth place will each get 150,000 yen ($1,438) and the ties for seventh place get to home with 50,000 yen ($479) each.

Streaming is being done by the eSports RAGE channel on YouTube.

Granblue Fantasy Versus — Top 8

Winners bracket
AMTRS|KojiKOG (Belial) vs. Mocchii (Ferry)
AMTRS|Score (Lancelot) vs. Kousei (Belial)

Losers bracket
Teshirou (Charlotta) vs. SANWA|Laggia (Katalina, Belial)
I-yo (Metera) vs. YOG|Kubo (Belial)

9. Ninomae (Vaseraga)
9. Jirou (Lowain)
9. Ryu10623 (Narmaya)
9. Hishow (Belial)
13. TNT|Rookies (Ladiva)
13. AbaO (Katalina)
13. Gamera (Djeeta)
13. Yutta (Belial)

17. Onsen (Soriz)
17. RYO (Percival)
17. Musui (Zeta)
17. Kosoren (Belial)
17. Uminchu (Belial)
17. KasumiLOVE (Charlotta)
17. Moriwaki (Ferry)
17. Hanchou (Belial)

25. HumanError (Narmaya)
25. Nakamu~ (Gran)
25. Kotone (Charlotta)
25. Hinokinobou (Narmaya)
25. DAI_chan (Belial)
25. Shio (Beelzebub)
25. Jin (Belial)
25. Desangel123 (Narmaya)

33. Ogawa (Belial)
33. AMTRS|Omito (Narmaya)
33. Kino (Metera)
33. Kakeru-san (Zeta)
33. Ronde (Lancelot)
33. Debagame (Vaseraga)
33. Setsuo (Belial)
33. Xeph (Percival)
33. LGK|Monster (Belial)
33. Ichimu (Belial)
33. Iino Beelzebub (Beelzebub)
33. Hamashika (Katalina)
33. Kashiyama|Eda (Belial, Charlotta)
33. Coo_cho0 (Narmaya)
33. Rei (Zeta)
33. DIE-chan (Zeta)

49. PG|BNBBN (Belial)
49. Emujima (Belial)
49. Jumper (Percival)
49. Uni (Belial)
49. Yosimura (Soriz, Ladiva)
49. Hama0201 (Lancelot)
49. Butter (Belial)
49. Yuki (Lancelot)
49. Ume (Belial)
49. Kof2002cap (Zeta)
49. SAJ (Charlotta)
49. Yoshii (Percival)
49. Kamijii (Charlotta)
49. Tarezou (Belial)
49. Arubireo (Gran)
49. TNT|Steven (Lancelot)

Granblue Fantasy Versus — Top 24 battle log

• YOG|Kubo (Belial) eliminated Hishow (Belial) 2-0.

• I-yo (Metera) eliminated Ryu10623 (Narmaya) 2-1.

• SANWA|Laggia (Katalina) eliminated Jirou (Lowain) 2-0.

• Teshirou (Charlotta) eliminated Ninomae (Vaseraga) 2-1.

• YOG|Kubo (Belial) eliminated Yutta (Belial) 2-0.

• Ryu10623 (Narmaya) eliminated Gamera (Djeeta) 2-0.

• SANWA|Laggia (Katalina) eliminated AbaO (Katalina) 2-1.

• Teshirou (Charlotta) eliminated TNT|Rookies (Ladiva) 2-0.

• YOG|Kubo (Belial) eliminated Hanchou (Belial) 2-0.

• Yutta (Belial) eliminated Moriwaki (Ferry) 2-1.

• Ryu10623 (Narmaya) eliminated KasumiLOVE (Charlotta) 2-1.

• Gamera (Djeeta) eliminated Uminchu (Belial) 2-0.

• SANWA|Laggia (Belial) eliminated Kosoren (Belial) 2-1.

• AbaO (Katalina) eliminated Musui (Zeta) 2-1.

• Teshirou (Charlotta) eliminated RYO (Percival) 2-0.

• TNT|Rookies (Ladiva) eliminated Onsen (Soriz) 2-1.

• Kousei (Belial) beat Hishow (Belial) 2-0.

• AMTRS|Score (Lancelot) beat I-yo (Metera) 2-0.

• Mocchii (Ferry) beat Jirou (Lowain) 2-1.

• AMTRS|KojiKOG (Belial) beat Ninomae (Vaseraga) 2-0.

Granblue Fantasy Versus — Notable pools matches battle log

• Hanchou (Belial) eliminated Desangel123 (Narmaya) 2-0.

• AbaO (Katalina) eliminated Kotone (Charlotta) 2-1.

• Gamera (Djeeta) eliminated DAI_chan (Belial) 2-0.

• Moriwaki (Ferry) eliminated Jin (Belial) 2-0.

• Kosoren (Belial) eliminated Hinokinobou (Narmaya) 2-0.

• TNT|Rookies (Ladiva) eliminated HumanError (Narmaya) 2-0.

• Ryu10623 (Narmaya) eliminated Shio (Beelzebub) 2-1.

• RYO (Percival) eliminated Nakamu~ (Gran) 2-1.

• Moriwaki (Ferry) eliminated Kashimoto|Eda (Charlotta) 2-1.

• Kosoren (Belial) eliminated Xeph (Percival) 2-1.

• HumanError (Narmaya) eliminated AMTRS|Omito (Narmaya) 2-0.

• AMTRS|Score (Lancelot) beat SANWA|Laggia (Katalina) 2-1.

• Ninomae (Vasearaga) beat YOG|Kubo (Belial) 2-1.

• I-yo (Metera) beat Musui (Zeta) 2-0.

• Hishow (Belial) beat Onsen (Soriz) 2-1.

• YOG|Kubo (Belial) beat AMTRS|Omito (Narmaya) 2-0.

• AMTRS|KojiKOG (Belial) beat RYO (Percival) 2-0.

• Uminchu (Belial) beat Xeph (Percival) 2-0.

• AMTRS|Score (Lancelot) beat Gamera (Djeeta) 2-0.

• Onsen (Soriz) beat DIE-chan (Zeta) 2-1.

Event Schedule

Saturday, October 31st — Online Pools, Winner's Bracket
Sunday, November 1st — Online Pools, Loser's Bracket
Saturday, November 14th — Offline Semi-Finals
Sunday, November 29th — Offline Finals

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All times listed are JST.

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PST: Subtract 17 hours.
EST: Subtract 14 hours.
UTC/UK Time: Subtract 7 hours.
CET: Subtract 8 hours.

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