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Guilty Gear Strive has unannounced exclusive multiplayer mode only on PlayStation 5

We think we already know what it is

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 27, 2020 at 7:50 a.m. PDT • Comments: 39

Guilty Gear Strive will serve as one of the first forays into the next generation of fighting games when it launches next year, and it seems that players who decide to pick it up for the PlayStation 5 will receive a unique way to experience the title.

Once pre-order pages for Strive went live, some eagle-eyed fans noticed a listing for an unannounced multiplayer mode exclusive to the PS5 version which then was quickly taken down.

The PlayStation Store site didn't include many other concrete details about the exclusive next gen feature except to say its a "multiplayer battle mode only on PS5" according to Gematsu.

Guilty Gear Store Description image #1
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While the short descriptions doesn't really give much to go on, there's a good chance we've already seen what that new mode will be in a recent video.

At around the 40-second mark of the release date trailer for Strive, Ky jumps in to help Sol with an assist that had many scratching their heads upon first viewing.

Unfortunately, the trailer cuts before we can see more, so it's unclear if what's being shown is simply a striker assist or if it's actually a tag mechanic that could potentially allow four players to be in a match at once.

Arc System Works does already have a similar implementation in Dragon Ball FighterZ's raid boss fights which allow three friends to form a team to take on AI opponents.

Potential Strive Tag Tease image #1
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It certainly would be cool to see the developers expand upon that idea for something like a 2v2 mode though there's still zero confirmation on what the exclusive feature will actually be.

Other traditional 1v1 fighting games in the past have included bonus modes like that including Mortal Kombat 2011's tag mode though its not something used very commonly now.

Luckily, players who may be torn between getting the PS4 or PS5 options will not need to worry about that since Strive will offer a free upgrade option to the next gen version of the fighter.

Strive will also feature cross generational play between PS4 and PS5 though the PC version is not included in that mix.

Guilty Gear Strive is scheduled to release April 5, 2021 on the three aforementioned platforms along with Japanese arcades with an open beta and one final character reveal planned to come before the title's launch.

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