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Should Capcom use a Street Fighter 3 original character as Street Fighter 5's final DLC addition?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 16, 2020 at 7:19 p.m. PDT • Comments: 81

Street Fighter 3 brought with it a whopping 16 new characters (including Gill) to the franchise, but only five of these combatants (including Oro when he joins next year) have made it to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's roster.

It's not to say that Capcom absolutely should ensure that the 45th and final Street Fighter 5 addition hail from the third franchise entry, but there are some front runner characters who really could make for exciting bookends to the roster.

Of the remaining cast of SF3 not currently in or headed to SF5, there are three characters that make the most sense to me when it comes to filling in this final role.

If I could choose anyone off of Third Strike's roster for this role, I'd pick Dudley first. The gentleman boxer has a fair bit of charisma about him to start with, but was underscored and emphasized very heavily thanks to the amazing sequences pulled off by RISE|Smug back in the latter portion of USF4's life.

His traditional design may err a bit on the side of being too rush down for Street Fighter 5, but I don't think it's to such a degree that it fully disqualifies him. Developers would have to make sure that Dudley was forced to earn his way into up close and personal ranges, but the kinds of flashy beat downs we've come to appreciate from Dudley have massive potential in an eSports title like SF5.

Dudley has a healthy variety of attacks, some of which already make a good bit of logical sense when it comes to a possible V-System. His duck movement, for instance, would almost certainly be a V-Skill as it has various resolutions and can be used both in combos or as a movement option.

Sean's legacy is currently that of a joke character thanks to his status as perhaps the worst in all of Third Strike. He wasn't bad at all in prior versions of SF3, though, and it might be time Capcom gave the Brazilian shoto another shot at making new impressions.

The fact that Sean is a shoto doesn't bode all that well for him as SF5 has a few of these fighters and the group tends to suffer thanks to how overwhelmingly powerful Akuma is. Hopefully developers will amply nerf SF5's strongest avatar as to give others like Sean some breathing room.

Capcom brought in Sean's sister, Laura, as a Street Fighter 5 newcomer and went as far as to include Sean in the game's major story mode. This gives him a little extra "umph" relative to some of his other Third Strikians for our purposes here, in my opinion. He wouldn't be the most glamorous final fighter, but he would be interesting.

I haven't been the biggest fan of the Twins, but I can appreciate that they have a decent following and that they're especially interesting in their respective designs. While I wouldn't want to see these two take up two roster slots in SF5, I wouldn't mind seeing them join as two halves of one character.

Capcom is clearly looking to evolve things further here in Season 5, and making a Yun/Yang hybrid might be the perfect fit. We do have the dual-natured Zeku from Season 2 already, but there's still plenty you could do with a switch or assist mechanic.

The Twins feature two fairly distinct move sets with a little overlap in between, and while you'd want to be careful with traditionally powerful attacks like Genei Jin or dive kicks, there's a ton of potential for fresh and hype approaches here.

The aforementioned three are my top picks from the list, but I'll briefly say why the others didn't have the same allure.

We've highlighted Makoto before because of her extremely high rankings on Capcom character popularity poll from a few years back, but her basic design of being heavily rush down and overly in your face would be particularly difficult to balance in the world of V-Triggers and already over-tuned offense.

Remy and Twelve certainly could make a comeback among more modern fans, but would likely serve better as launch roster inclusions as they aren't all that recognizable to those who weren't playing 20 years ago.

Elena would certainly turn heads, but perhaps not in the best of ways. This character had a lot of negativity surrounding her toward the end of Ultra Street Fighter 4, and while she could surely be redesigned in a less frustrating manner she certainly would incite as many (if not more) groans as cheers.

Q is an interesting fighter, but we already have something of a taste of him in G as the President of the World was clearly modeled with this mysterious fighter in mind. Similar sentiments can be brought forward for Hugo as he relates to Abigail, but even then the massive wrestler really didn't make the biggest splash when he was brought into USF4.

Necro seems to fall into the same category as Remy and Twelve, though he's been highlighted since Season 1 of SF5 as a background NPC in the Spooky Halloween stage, but really didn't seem to excite fans one way or the other.

This all is to only consider the unused originals from Street Fighter 3, and there are surely others from other corners of the Street Fighter universe who should also be heavily considered for this last spot. That said, when it comes to our parameters here, who would you pick? Let us know who and why in the comments below.

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