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Ryu player pulls off two V-Trigger parries in one combo against veteran Street Fighter competitor

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 17, 2020 at 5:59 a.m. PDT • Comments: 12

Sometimes lightening strikes twice in the same place, but even rarer still is when Ryu is able to pull of two V-Trigger 2 parries in a single combo.

During a recent streaming session fighting game veteran Arturo Sanchez and his Dhalsim wound up experiencing exactly this in a sequence that'll make your hair stand on end.

Ryu has been notoriously low tier throughout the majority of Street Fighter 5's lifespan, and has been a poor match up against Dhalsim for the majority of the Street Fighter franchise's lifespan.

Especially thanks to the buffs to his V-Trigger 1 this season, we rarely see Ryu opt to use his V-Trigger 2 (amid the few times we actually see people elect to use him at all). This VT2 gives him a powerful parry technique that both is unblockable and causes a crumple, but can only be activated when Ryu is being attacked.

Dhalsim is one of the few characters on SF5's roster that could actually bring this kind of situation to fruition thanks to his V-Trigger 2, which can manifest in a slow moving fireball that eeks across the screen for a short while.

In a particularly hype clip captured by HiFight, (who else?) we see the stars perfectly align as Sanchez sets up for the win with a VT2 sequence, but is perfectly countered by a brilliant pair of parries. See it for yourself via the thumbnail below and share your reactions in the comments.

Click image for animated version

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