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Karin's Hokuto crossover costume from Fighting EX Layer is now available in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Final color missions coming next week

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 14, 2020 at 6:11 a.m. PDT • Comments: 16

Crossover costumes have certainly become a lot more interesting in Street Fighter 5 in recent weeks with the introduction of Fighting EX Layer characters now showing up, and there's a new one to pick up now.

Karin's special Hokuto outfit is now available to unlock via Champion Edition's Extra Battle mode for cheap.

Just like for Ryu's Kairi costume before, players will only need to spend 500 Fight Money for one battle to acquire the new digs and eight of its 10 colors immediately.

This is of course a big step up from how Extra Battle missions usually worked before with splitting fights up over four weeks while costing much more in precious in-game currency.

Missions to unlock the final two colors will go live starting October 22 and will likely require players to take Karin online if Ryu's were anything to go by.

Though she is technically a crossover now, Hokuto first appeared in the original Street Fighter EX title as the sister of Kairi and Nanase with the developer Arika retaining the rights to use the original characters.

This is the second Fighting EX Layer costume added to SF5 in two months, so if the pattern continues, we may see another one come mid-November as well.

Hokuto's inclusion also came alongside the new Version 5.051 update which added in eSports-themed DLC costumes for Akuma, Zeku, Rashid and Seth.

What's perhaps most interesting, however, is the patch claims to make improvements to SF5's netcode once again with some added detail of what Capcom did this time to try and make things better online.

You can get a closer look at Karin's Hokuto costume below.

Karin Hokuto gallery image #1 Karin Hokuto gallery image #2 Karin Hokuto gallery image #3 Karin Hokuto gallery image #4
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