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Guilty Gear Strive releases April 9, 2021 though you can play a few days early by pre-ordering a special edition version

The thrilling conclusion over 20 years in the making

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 11, 2020 at 6:03 a.m. PDT • Comments: 26

Last night gave us just about all of the Guilty Gear action we could ask for between Strive exhibitions, cosplayers and the reveal of Giovanna though it also concluded with a bang that was the newest fighting game's release date.

Arc System Works announced Guilty Gear Strive will be releasing worldwide on April 9, 2021, and there's also a way for players to pick up the title a few days early.

Pre-ordering the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions will allow players to access the game three days sooner than the full release on April 6 though there are some restrictions.

Online modes will not be available during the early access period, and story mode will be limited to the prologue only until everyone can get in on the action.

Interestingly, 13 of the 15 base roster characters will be selectable at that time as well from Sol Badguy through Giovanna, so early adopters will need to wait to try out the teased Anji Mito and whoever the final fighter slot belongs to.

The Deluxe Edition of Strive comes packing Season Pass 1 which includes five more playable characters, five new DLC colors for everyone on the roster, two additional stages and more story chapters.

As for the Ultimate Edition, it too will come with the Season Pass along with a digital soundtrack and artworks plus colors tied to the bundle.

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Players who pick up Strive in its first print run or before April 23 digitally will receive bonus Sol and Ky colors which will change up their special effect colors too.

An open beta test for Strive is coming in early 2021 too, and while no dates for it have been set yet to assumedly try out Strive's rollback netcode, digital pre-orders will get players in one day before everyone else.

The official description for Strive describes the game's story as the conclusion to Guilty Gear's tale over 20 years in the making.

"The trials and tribulations of the series’ heroes and villains will finally be resolved," reads the description in part. "Discover the astonishing truth awaiting at the end of all things."

Players looking to freshen up on the lore and story up to this point can now read a free digital comic series going over the events leading up to Guilty Gear Xrd with Arc System Works releasing the Xrd story mode videos officially to their YouTube channels.

Standard version pricing on both the PlayStation 4 and PS5 will be set at $59.99 USD with the Deluxe costing $84.99 and Ultimate priced at $99.99. Pre-orders are scheduled to open tomorrow, October 12, on consoles, but PC players will need to wait a bit longer.

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