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Core-A Cup Tekken7 Invitational results

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 4, 2020 at 5:46 a.m. PDT • Comments: 1

Update: This tournament has been updated with final results.

Core-A Gaming is one of the best content creators in the fighting game community, but this weekend they're hosting a special competition between the best Tekken 7 players in South Korea.

The Core-A Cup Tekken7 Invitational features 16 of the top Tekken performers in the world including, UYU|LowHigh, UYU|JeonDDing, ROX|Chanel, EQNX|Ulsan, EQNX|Eyemusician, AF|CherryBerryMango, GG|Saint, Puma, and JDCR among others in an offline event.

There's 1.5 million Won up for grabs here which equates to around $1,300 for the winner though the big draw is the level of competition present.

It's also a nice change of pace to see more offline events happening within the FGC after the year we've had thus far with the coronavirus pandemic.

English streaming is being done at the Core-A Gaming Twitch channel.

You can find the stream archive here and results for the invitational below.

Tekken 7 — Results

1. Wa! Meo-IL! (Geese)
2. UYU|LowHigh (Shaheen, Steve)
3. EQNX|Ulsan (Kazumi, Jin)
4. AF|CherryBerryMango (Jin)
5. Mulgold (Claudio)
5. Wecka (Xiaoyu)

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