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This tool-assisted Super Street Fighter 2 fight has everything you wish you could do as a grappler in a real match but definitely can't

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • October 2, 2020 at 10:48 a.m. PDT • Comments: 14

Despite the Street Fighter 2 series being the godfather of competitive fighting games as we know them today, there were a lot of very intricate and incredibly difficult to perform techniques, tactics, and glitches to be found. With a nearly 30-year legacy under it's belt, fans have spent decades finding as much as they could hidden within the game's mechanics, but there exist things that are just too difficult for a standard human player to perform consistently.

That's where tool assistance comes in, and with it we are treated to an exhibition of scripted events that push the limits of what is possible in a Street Fighter 2 match. This showcase between Zangief and T. Hawk comes from M. Bizarro and brings us a perfect dance between the two big bodies, displaying a plethora of incredible feats that any grappler player wishes they could pull off in a real match, but just simply can't.

This bout begins with a walk up forward + MP throw from Zangief that seems to interrupt T. Hawk's attack attempt. What follows is essentially Zangief running the gamut of his various throws, including two air throws to punish blocked Condor Dive and Tomahawk Buster.

The match goes back and forth with momentum swings, seeing T. Hawk get his shots in, then Zangief. Ultimately, the first round concludes in a double KO.

Everything here is a perfect counter or an incredible combo that is technically possible in Super Street Fighter 2, but with the timing required to do so being so tight on most things here it's not something human players can physically pull off.

The end result is a beautiful, choreographed ballet between the two largest fighters in Super Street Fighter 2. If you're looking for some good, ol' fashioned Street Fighter 2 action for the day, look no further than this awesome showcase.

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