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Street Fighter 5 tournament ends in explosive and crazy Ibuki bomb interaction that catches everyone by surprise

Don't kick the ball

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 1, 2020 at 4:15 p.m. PDT • Comments: 12

Ibuki's V-Trigger 1 may have fallen out of favor once Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition dropped with the incredible Fuma Shuriken VT2, but the ninja bomb can still be a powerful tool in the right hands — especially against opponents who don't know about all of its special interactions.

A recent Battle Lounge Portland SF5 Champion Edition tournament was decided in the final game by such a wild bomb set up against Juri that even the Ibuki player probably didn't even see coming.

During the grand finals match between PinkSlime's Juri and G1ll's Ibuki, the latter player is able to land a counter hit kick into V-Trigger cancel bomb toss before dashing through for the classic left-right mix up.

PinkSlime decided to brute force through that mix, however, by using Juri's EX reversal uppercut, but unfortunately for him it brought the bomb along for the ride.

In a split second, Juri can be seen exploding in the middle of her DP which costs PinkSlime the round and tournament in an interaction he says he didn't even know was possible.

Ibuki's bomb can essentially be juggled or hit by either player before it explodes leading to some potential ping pong plays though it's a bit harder to hit once it's on the ground.

Juri's DP hits low enough to scoop the explosive and bring it up with her which can also apply to other reversals for characters like Ken with a standard Shoryuken.

Interestingly though, some reversals like Lucia's do not reach low enough to touch the bomb, so it could be something to test for your particular characters if they're ever in that same situation. It could be a life saver if it works.

You can check out the explosive clip below with the full stream archive available here, and let us know what odd interactions have cost you games in SF5 or other fighting games in the comments.

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