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Snake Eyez uses his grappler player wisdom to score a full-screen Critical Art punish on Dhalsim's leg in this Street Fighter 5 clip

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • November 30, 2020 at 10:31 a.m. PST • Comments: 25

Here in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, we see a lot of Snake Eyez's Kage both in ranked sets and in tournament. Fans certainly know this top contender for his Zangief play, however, with years of experience being one of the best to ever command the Russian wrestler across several Street Fighter titles.

In a recent clip from one of Snake Eyez's live streams, shared by none other than HiFight, the avid Kage landed an absolutely gnarly Critical Art punish against a Dhalsim player. Despite the speed and max range of Sim's standing kick here, Snake Eyez's extensive training against zoners definitely came into play as he still managed to get the super to connect from nearly full-screen away.

Fully stocked with meter and on a 2-game win streak, Snake hung just outside of Dhalsim's long poke range hitting light buttons for bait. After a few seconds of maneuvering, Snake was in perfect position to tag any oncoming Sim limbs with the super, which the Kage player was buffering the whole time.

Sure enough, Dhalsim stuck out a standing long kick prompting Snake to fire into the Critical Art. The initial uppercut portion of the cinematic attack was fast enough to catch Dhalsim by the toe before he could pull the limb back to safety.

Naturally, this big punish closed out the round and the game, adding another win on the board for Snake Eyez. There was even a little bit of NSFW smack talk in celebration from Snake after hitting it.

It is often that you'll see players who are experienced against Dhalsim stand at similar ranges and punish his extended normals with big normals or an uppercut of their own. The life of a committed grappler player is a tough one, especially when you have to learn how to properly fight zoning characters, and there's no doubt that Snake was able to get an optimal punish here due to the help of his years of grinding out matches against characters just like Dhalsim.

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