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Japan's top 2 Dragon Ball FighterZ players finally clashed in the National Championships but their gap in power level is pretty absurd

Can anyone stop Go1 at this point?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 30, 2020 at 6:08 p.m. PST • Comments: 5

After losing in EVO grand finals to EG|SonicFox, CO|Go1 made it his goal to be the best Dragon Ball FighterZ player in the world which he cemented by winning EVO 2019 and the DBFZ World Tour Finals earlier this year, but he still has some stiff competition in his home territory.

This past week gave us the final group play round of the Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship which brought with it the exciting prospect of making both of Japan's 6-0 players go head-to-head for Go1 vs. CO|Fenrich — and the results were certainly eye-opening.

The set seemed to be going clearly in Go1's favor from the outset by opening things by not losing a single character in game one, but Fenrich would come right back in the second.

Go1's Kid Buu is difficult to nail down with his constant moving around the stage and sky, but Fenrich was able to find the hole and really make his teammate hurt with Cell to return the favor of the full team wipe. He'd never get that close again for the rest of the set, however.

Typically content to play the defensive, the reigning world champion used his movement to make his team look like Marvel vs. Capcom characters to stay slippery and cleanly avoided everything coming his way. To exemplify this, he managed to score a ghetto perfect in game four... against Fenrich.

Click image for Go1's ghetto perfect version

None of this is to say that Fenrich is weak or didn't play well either. He still had amazing plays and reads like baiting Go1's Sparking for an enormous punish, but his opponent just looks to be on another level right now.

It's not that he's unhittable, but Go1 just seems to land the big blow more often than getting touched when the opponent attempts to hit him.

The team choice certainly doesn't hurt either with Ultra Instinct Goku and GT Goku continuing to be his consistently winning formula, but Go1 makes Kid Buu look like an absolute nightmare — even more than he already is.

For a final score, Go1 would take the set 5-1 and become the second undefeated player in the regional circuit along with DR|Gropis.

Only one player this season has pushed the chance to a last game scenario which is the first World Tour champion BC|Kazunoko, but it's still crazy that he came out unscathed in this pool of world-class talent.

Now, Fenrich, Kazunoko and PG|BNBBN will need to fight for the opportunity to even face Go1 in the event again, who sits waiting in grand finals as the final boss.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to know how things would go against the western front with no offline tournaments this year, but it's seems clear that Go1 is still the number one and doesn't plan to give up that title any time soon. You can check out their full set below.

Image source: Red Bull Gaming.

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