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Cammy was originally supposed to be censored to wear less revealing clothing in Super Street Fighter 2 outside of Japan

That is until Capcom changed their mind at the last minute

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 29, 2020 at 9:25 a.m. PST • Comments: 36

Cammy's default costume with her green leotard and red hat hasn't really changed much since her introduction almost 30 years ago, but many western players apparently almost saw her for the first time sporting a very different look.

Arika vice president Ichiro Mihara recently recounted a tale about Capcom requiring him to alter Cammy's attire in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers to be less revealing with new sprites, but obviously they didn't make their way into the final game — though we may know what the outfit looked like.

After seeing that Blair's Easter egg outfit for Cammy added leggings to the classic Street Fighter EX design in Street Fighter 5, the former Capcom developer seemed to have a flashback to 1994 when the company asked him to do something very similar.

"I have this memory from when I was young of Cammy with leggings, because during the development of the Super Nintendo version of Super Street Fighter II, we got word from an overseas branch that she was too exposed in her current outfit and asked for it to be fixed," wrote Mihara on Twitter as translated by our own Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor.

This task allegedly fell to the future Street Fighter EX producer to accomplish himself, and according to Mihara, Cammy with leggings came close to finding its way into the western release.

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"So I had the arduous task of remaking all of her spritework and adding leggings to it..." continued Arika's VP. "And then, just as I was basically finished with all of it, we received word again from our overseas branch saying "You know what, it's fine the way it is..."

It's unclear who exactly asked for the changes to be made between Capcom USA, Nintendo of America or another entity, but there's a good chance the game was impacted by the new ratings board considering the ESRB launched in the very same year.

What might be the most interesting part about the whole exchange that seems to back up Mihara's claims is the existence of an apparent screenshot of the censored fighter.

A Mexican issue of the magazine Club Nintendo ran a feature on the then upcoming SNES port of Super Street Fighter 2 which includes an image of Cammy hitting Fei Long with her legs partially covered up by shorts / spats though the quality makes it difficult to tell what exactly she's wearing.

Image via The Cutting Room Floor

Even the writers of the article itself took notice of the change, as they call it out specifically for 'what happened to Cammy?'

It's unclear, however, if the costume in the screenshot is the same as what Mihara was describing or if it was a placeholder mockup of what would be included in the retail release.

If this is Mihara's work, then that one image may be the only time we'll ever see that version of the Killer Bee since no data for the costume has been discovered in the game's files currently according to The Cutting Room Floor.

We don't know what role exactly Mihara held on the Super SF2 port since that version didn't include staff credits, but he did serve as a planner for Mega Man 5 around the same time.

While it may seem weird to censor a game that's already been out in arcades for some time, quite a few titles had to do similar things, especially in the aftermath of Mortal Kombat's release pushing the creation of the ESRB to begin with.

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