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Here's a list of banned custom variation options and combinations for competitive Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • November 29, 2020 at 3:04 p.m. PST • Comments: 7

The Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate update implemented the ability to use custom variation options during competitive play. One can easily imagine how this will have a major impact on the tournament meta.

However, some moves are still banned from competitive modes and tournaments. Moves like Terminator's Terminate, D'Vorah's Mother Bug and other "resurrection" variation options are among the banned moves.

Although Rain has very fast grounded movement, it's possible for him to become even faster with the Wave Dash variation special. For better or worse, this ability has been banned from competitive play.

In addition to individual moves being banned, there are also a few combinations that can't be paired together. These are not quite as obvious as the indicating icon doesn't appear until after you try to create the desired variation.

For players that wanted to make RoboCop into a grappler rather than a zoning character, it's quite unfortunate that the Flamethrower and the Terminal Strip command grab can't be paired together.

Check out the full list of banned variation options and combinations below:

Banned variation options

• Rain: Wave Dash (DB4) - Replaces Evaporate. Increases the speed and distance of Rain's normal dash. Conflicts with Quantum Rift.
• Sindel: Enhanced Regal Presence (DB3) - Modifies Regal Presence. Allows Sindel's Regal Presence to be followed up with several attacks.
• Geras: Lost Time & Spare Time (DF4) - Adds Lost Time & Spare Time special moves. Add or remove time from the round timer.
• Geras: Reawakened (DD4) - Adds Reawakened special move. While active you will be resurrected.
• Terminator: Terminate (DB3) - Replaces Killing Machine. Activate a buff that grants The Terminator armor, but disables the ability to block, dash, and jump. Conflicts with T.D.E.
• Terminator: Endoskeleton - Adds Endoskeleton special move. When nearly defeated, The Terminator rises back up as only the T-800 Endoskeleton. His moves are restricted in the form.
• D'Vorah: Mother Bug - Modifies D'Vorah. Resurrect in final round as the Mother Bug.
• Skarlet: Killer Clot (DB3) - Replaces Blood Trail. A trap prevents opponents from cancelling into special moves or using offensive or defensive gauge.
• Sub-Zero: Ground Ice (DB1) - Adds Ground Ice special move. Create a hazardous zone that can freeze.
• Frost: Core Trap (DB2) - Replaces Core Discharge. Create a freezing trap.
• RoboCop: Trick Shot (DB1) - Replaces High Auto-9. RoboCop can ricochet gunshots off the screen. Conflicts with Active & Reactive Patrol.
• Fujin: Jet Stream (DD3) - Adds Jet Stream special move. Fujin harnesses wind around his body, extending the reach of some attacks.

Banned variation combinations

• Kotal Kahn: Chicahtoc Totem and Eztli Totem can't be paired with any other totem variation special (Amocualli Totem, Teoyohtica Totem, Chicahtoc Totem or Eztli Totem).
• Geras: Bed of Spikes and Sand Simulacrum can't be paired together.

Source: Rooflemonger.

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