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New King of Fighters 15 information reportedly coming early next year

Not too much longer now?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 22, 2020 at 10:27 a.m. PST • Comments: 57

Among the list of most anticipated fighting games for 2020, The King of Fighters 15 was at the top for many in the FGC. Problem is, the game has been completely missing this year with not so much as a teaser image to hold fans over coming out of SNK.

Recently, however, KOF14 Director Yasuyuki Oda provided a small update as to when fans should expect to see more about the next leap in SNK's storied fighting game series.

In an interview with the Chinese developer CXGN for the release of the SNK All Star Fighting Stage / All Star Fight mobile game, Oda was asked specifically about the new mainline King of Fighters entry to which he had a short answer to.

"It is currently under active development, and [we] expect to release some [information] early next year," said Oda as translated by YeMaster. "Stay tuned."

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King of Fighters 15 was initially revealed to the public during EVO 2019 with only the logo and text of 'now in development' shown though its existence dates back a bit further than that.

SNK showed their investors pretty much the same thing in December 2018 where it was also marked with a release window of 2020.

"It is currently under active development, and [we] expect to release some [information] early next year. Stay tuned" - Yasuyuki Oda

This was before SNK launched their reboot of Samurai Shodown, so it's also unclear how SamSho's success with three DLC seasons and the global coronavirus pandemic have affected KOF15's development up to this point.

No planned consoles have been revealed either, but at this point, it's probably safe to assume that the next step in SNK fighting games will be at least a cross-generational release considering the company is already dipping their toes into the new hardware with an upcoming Xbox Series X|S release of Samurai Shodown releasing this winter.

King of Fighters 14 first hit the scene back in 2016 where it helped kickstart SNK's push back into developing new fighters with SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy and the aforementioned SamSho following in its footsteps as the company moved away from its 2D sprite roots into the realm of 3D models.

Depending on whether SNK wants to support two fighting games at the same time, we may still end up waiting a good bit longer to get our hands on KOF15 since Samurai Shodown also currently has its third season of DLC in development with no release dates available for that either.

With Code Mystics going back to add rollback netcode to many of SNK's older fighting games, hopefully this means that the King of Fighters creators are acutely aware of how necessary good online is for fighting games in this day and age — especially after the poor experience that SamSho provided.

It's not much, but at least we know King of Fighters 15 development is progressing, and there are announcements in the pipeline. We'll just have to wait until the calendars swap over to 2021 to find out more.

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