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New Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition announcements have a strong probability of happening this weekend

No North American finals, but this is the closest thing we've got

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 21, 2020 at 11:30 a.m. PST • Comments: 30

It's been almost two months since Capcom last gave players an update on the new Season 5 content that's coming to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, but perhaps we won't be waiting much longer to see more.

The final Capcom Pro Tour Online event is wrapping up this weekend, and there's a strong chance they'll show off more of Dan Hibiki or possibly even more during the finals for a number of reasons.

While Capcom hasn't taken advantage of their own platform to showcase new stuff this year, North America West is their final opportunity to do so in 2020.

Dan is only a month or less away from releasing alongside the new Season 5 balance update if the developers are still planning on getting him out before the end of the year, and Sunday would be the perfect chance to give us his full trailer.

We've already seen some gameplay for the Saikyo-style master on two occasions now, but Dan has yet to receive an official trailer showcasing his moves and V-System.

Capcom could release the trailer at the end of top 8 and then drop a date to look forward to with either Season 5's official launch timing or maybe another presentation to dive deeper into the new character and gameplay mechanic in December.

Three of the last four years, the company has either teased a new character or released a trailer around this exact time in November, but there are some differences here in 2020.

All of those fighter reveals / teases came after the North American Regional Finals for the CPT which obviously isn't happening thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

The online event this weekend, however, provides Capcom with essentially the same setup for their prior attempts considering this too is prime time for the western audience with the focus on North America's top talent.

Back in 2016, Capcom released a short teaser for Akuma's inclusion after the NA finals before he was playable at Capcom Cup and launched with Season 2 that December.

The following year they dropped cherry blossom petals from the ceiling instead of confetti which was a clear hint that Sakura was on her way to SF5 since her name means cherry blossom in Japanese. They also showed off the first trailer for Arcade Edition there as well.

While 2018 didn't provide anything apparent in terms of what to expect for Season 4, they did come back last year to give us Gill's full reveal trailer with the move to Champion Edition.

This doesn't solidify that Capcom does indeed have anything to show, but the company has followed a fairly constant / similar pattern pretty much all of Street Fighter 5's life up to this point.

That could obviously all change now though with COVID-19 throwing more than just a wrench into everything for 2020.

Capcom's content roadmap does give some wiggle room too if they end up not releasing Dan next month. The official chart says Winter 2020, but the fine print at the bottom also notes that these times are subject to change still.

Finals for Capcom Cup is also scheduled to take place early next year too, but there aren't really any other details about when to expect it. Perhaps that could be something brought up this weekend as well while they have the attention of the competitive crowd.

Following Dan, Season 5 will also be adding in Rose, Oro, Akira Kazama and an unannounced fifth fighter who are all launching throughout 2021.

There's no guarantee we'll get to see anything new tomorrow evening, but it feels like a majorly wasted opportunity to not keep up the tradition and at least release a trailer for Dan after months of waiting.

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