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Poison throws out a whip in one direction but hits behind her as a cross up and still converts in this Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition clip

Uh oh! HotDog!

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • November 20, 2020 at 10:02 a.m. PST • Comments: 9

Poison has several powerful attacks that cover a lot of range out in front of her in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. However, thanks to some odd hitbox/hurtbox behavior, Poison can also cover space behind her, apparently.

A clip from one of Talon|HotDog29's recent Twitch streams sees the top notch competitor playing Poison against a Seth online. Despite Seth jumping over Poison while her medium whip was fired off, Seth still gets hit from the other side, allowing Poison to convert into a full trade combo in the corner.

As we see in the clip, the Seth player jumps over Poison, into the corner, just as the medium whip is being performed. Since Poison is still facing the other way, she fires off the whip in front of her as Seth tries to contest and hit from behind her.

Due to the timing and the way the hitbox of the whip interacts with the hurtbox of Seth's normal attack, not only is Poison hit by the attack but Seth also gets tagged despite being behind the special move. The trade interrupts the whip move animation, allowing HotDog to spot this and actually convert into a full trade combo for big damage.

"What the f*** is that?!" HotDog says after the odd interaction. No doubt the occurrence is rare and a strange one, and HotDog having the awareness and wherewithal to make the best out of the trade is a testament to his skill.

We have seen weird interactions like this in the past, with things like players being struck by Abigail's fully charged standing heavy punch in V-Trigger despite being positioned behind him. It's not enough of a happening to warrant nerfs, but it's definitely something that's cool to see when it goes down.

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