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Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 North America West 2 results

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • November 22, 2020 at 7:59 p.m. PST • Comments: 34

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The final Capcom Pro Tour event of the 2020 season is here and it's the second installment of the North America West region.

Notable players signed up to compete include PG|Punk, XSK Samurai, UYU|JB, Alex Myers, RB|Snake Eyez, Radiance|Commander Jesse, Dankadillas, BST|PR Balrog, ChrisCCH, YaNoob, Crescent|Toi, Flaquito and many more.

This is the last chance for any player to gain entry to the upcoming Capcom Cup. It should also be noted that due to events that occurred in the last event for this particular region, the player PG|Punk will start the tournament from the loser's side.

A lot of players have signed up to compete for this final shot. Just below 200 people are set to battle it out to reach the end and get that Capcom Cup spot.

The eligible U.S. states and Canadian territories for this event are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Streaming is being done at Capcom Fighters, though it won't be starting until Top 16. Until then, you can follow along with the bracket at Smash GG.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition — Results

1. XSK Samurai (Akuma)
2. Alex Myers (Chun-Li)
3. RB|Snake Eyez (Kage, E. Honda, Seth)
4. ChrisCCH (Seth, Sakura)
5. UYU|JB (Rashid)
5. Dethrone|Nigel E.X. (M. Bison, Balrog)
7. CleggMadness (Juri)
7. PRO7OTYPE (E. Honda)

9. PG|Punk (Karin, Seth)
9. Mira (Laura, Ibuki)
9. Luigi (Guile, G)
9. YaNoob (Menat, Urien)
13. Dankadillas (Dhalsim, G)
13. BrolyLegs (Chun-Li)
13. Crescent|NovaSpec (F.A.N.G)
13. TheComebackKid (E. Honda)

17. Mataoja (Balrog)
17. UCIT|NoRespect (Urien)
17. Dee_Ancer (F.A.N.G)
17. Victrix|Pnoy (M. Bison)
17. -M- (Akuma)
17. BDG|LPN (Gill, M. Bison)
17. SRM|Mad King (E. Honda, Seth)
17. WhiteGun (Cammy)

25. Flaquito (Sakura, Seth)
25. JordanDGAF (Birdie)
25. MrMadGear (Abigail)
25. EliTheCurry (Laura, Seth)
25. Blarrlad (Abigail)
25. Radiance|Commander Jesse (Dhalsim)
25. AE (Guile)
25. A Trusty Penguin (M. Bison)

33. Stupendous (Zangief, Seth)
33. Opus153 (Guile, Karin)
33. Shadoken (Zeku)
33. Crescent|Toi (M. Bison)
33. itzLCD (Kage)
33. Hylex (Akuma)
33. HawaiianShirtMan (Zeku)
33. Laughing Coffin (Ed)
33. n0thingman (Dhalsim, Abigail)
33. BDG|Cory Bell (Ed)
33. CrashOverride (Akuma, Ryu, Kolin)
33. FOC|Narukami (Ibuki)
33. ComboExpert (Akuma)
33. Kennedy (Akuma)
33. ShidoshiTony (Laura)
33. Jayce the Ace (Seth)

49. Keith Sweat (E. Honda)
49. Kgaysilentk (Vega)
49. GEM|Manmanboz (Urien)
49. LAGr|Shxd (Ken)
49. AMKidd (Guile)
49. AlfieRoach (Nash)
49. Musa-Keita (Lucia)
49. 40ozBlankaRolls (Blanka)
49. General Azad (M. Bison, Juri)
49. Penguinboy (Cammy)
49. DBZ187 (Birdie)
49. WestCoastPlease (Blanka)
49. Vulva (Chun-Li)
49. Mario (Karin)
49. BBWMessiah (Abigail)
49. Pompadour (Balrog)

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition — Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, second set: XSK Samurai (Akuma) eliminated Alex Myers (Chun-Li) 3-1.

• Grand finals, first set: Alex Myers (Chun-Li) beat XSK Samurai (Akuma) 3-1.

• Losers finals: Alex Myers (Chun-Li) eliminated RB|Snake Eyez (Kage) 3-1.

• Losers semi-finals: RB|Snake Eyez (Kage) eliminated ChrisCCH (Seth) 3-2.

• Winners finals: XSK Samurai (Akuma) beat Alex Myers (Chun-Li) 3-1.

• ChrisCCH (Seth) eliminated Dethrone|Nigel E.X. (M. Bison) 3-1.

• Snake Eyez (Kage) eliminated UYU|JB (Rashid) 3-2.

• ChrisCCH (Sakura) eliminated PRO7OTYPE (E. Honda) 3-0.

• RB|Snake Eyez (Kage) eliminated Clegg Madness (Juri) 3-0.

• Winners semi-finals: XSK Samurai (Akuma) beat UYU|JB (Rashid) 3-1.

• Winners semi-finals: Alex Myers (Chun-Li) beat Dethrone|Nigel E.X. (M. Bison, Balrog) 3-1.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition — Top 16 battle log

• CleggMadness (Juri) eliminated YaNoob (Menat) 2-1.

• RB|Snake Eyez (Kage) eliminated Luigi (Guile) 2-0.

• ChrisCCH (Sakura) eliminated Mira (Laura) 2-1.

• PRO7OTYPE (E. Honda) eliminated PG|Punk (Karin) 2-0.

• YaNoob (Urien) eliminated TheComebackKid (E. Honda) 2-1.

• Luigi (Guile) eliminated Crescent|NovaSpec (F.A.N.G) 2-0.

• ChrisCCH (Seth) eliminated BrolyLegs (Chun-Li) 2-0.

• PG|Punk (Karin) eliminated Dankadillas (Dhalsim) 2-0.

• UYU|JB (Rashid) beat PRO7OTYPE (E. Honda) 2-0.

• XSK Samurai (Akuma) beat Mira (Laura, Ibuki) 2-1.

• Alex Myers (Chun-Li) beat RB|Snake Eyez (Kage) 2-1.

• Dethrone|Nigel E.X. (M. Bison) beat CleggMadness (Juri) 2-0.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition — Notable pools matches battle log

• TheComebackKid (E. Honda) eliminated BDG|LPN (Gill) 2-0.

• TheComebackKid (E. Honda) eliminated Radiance|Commander Jesse (Dhalsim) 2-1.

• PG|Punk (Karin) eliminated Mataoja (Balrog) 2-0.

• PG|Punk (Karin) eliminated Flaquito (Seth) 2-0.

• RB|Snake Eyez (Kage) beat ChrisCCH (Seth) 2-1.

• Flaquito (Sakura) eliminated Stupendous (Zangief, Seth) 2-0.

• PRO7OTYPE (E. Honda) beat BDG|LPN (Gill, M. Bison) 2-0.

• Alex Myers (Chun-Li) beat Victrix|Pnoy (M. Bison) 2-0.

• UYU|JB (Rashid) beat YaNoob (Menat) 2-1.

• BDG|LPN (Gill, M. Bison) beat Radiance|Commander Jesse (Dhalsim) 2-1.

Event Schedule

Saturday, November 21st
12:00 P.M. — Pools start
5:00 P.M. — Top 16 starts

Sunday, November 22nd
5:00 P.M. — Top 8 starts

All times listed are PDT.

Time Zone Conversion:
EDT: Add 3 hours.
UTC/UK Time: Add 8 hours.
CEST: Add 9 hours.
JST: Add 17 hours.

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