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Cammy's Blair Dame crossover costume from Fighting EX Layer is now available in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Why don't they ever change her hair

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 18, 2020 at 7:57 a.m. PST • Comments: 14

The crossover costume train continues to charge its way through Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, and this time we've got another Fightin EX Layer representative on our hands.

Cammy's special Blair Dame outfit is now available to unlock in SF5's Extra Battle mode though it's a little bit different from the previous two added to the game.

Like Ryu's Kairi and Karin's Hokuto costumes, Cammy's new digs can be acquired by only spending 500 Fight Money in a single mission, so it's incredibly cheap and easy to get.

What's a bit strange, however, is the fact that Cammy's head and hair remain essentially unchanged from her default attire which is completely different from the other two.

Ryu's even went as far as to give him a scar over his eye and across his body while also changing his eye color, so it's weird to see Blair's look here without her iconic blue hair.

This isn't exactly new for the character though in SF5 considering Resident Evil Jill costume also doesn't change her hairstyle. The closest we get is her Fiona DLC from Haunting Ground.

Also similarly to the previous FEXL costumes added to the game, Blair's comes with eight color options out of the gate with the final two being locked behind missions that'll go live on November 19. They'll likely involve winning ranked and casual matches with Cammy like the others.

Players will have until December 3 to pick up Cammy's Blair costume, and we'll see if we can close out 2020 with a fourth one after this before Dan arrives.

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