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Street Fighter 5 pro Victor 'Punk' Woodley moved to tears during emotional interview following stellar performance

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 13, 2020 at 10:08 a.m. PST • Comments: 34

Victor "PG|Punk" Woodley forced the Street Fighter world to notice him when he and his Karin broke out near the end of 2016, and swiftly captured the title of "best in the business" after becoming seemingly unstoppable on the global level in 2017.

Punk's status as top dog has ebbed and flowed since his initial run of domination in the competitive scene, but he's remained a routine name in the discussion of top players ever since. This year has been difficult for virtually every pro Street Fighter player in one way or another, but with the pressure to perform as one of the absolute best constantly on his back, Punk has had a particularly rough time in 2020.

Though still a shoe-in for the top eight bracket in virtually any tournament he enters, Punk and his fellow pros have had very few opportunities to prove their mettle this season thanks to most all events being cancelled. The Capcom Pro Tour has been moved fully online, but competitors are restricted to the events in their region, meaning only two shots at the big dance in most cases.

Punk's first shot at the North America West 1 Qualifier tournament didn't go his way, and an unsportsmanlike response on social media following his loss has further hurt his chances of making into Capcom Cup this year.

Woodley has also been participating in the third season of Capcom's US Street Fighter League, and while his team has been doing decently well there, his personal performances haven't exactly echoed the untouchable, dominant, and pristine displays we've come to know him for. That is, until this week's episode.

In the final face off of the day, Punk played anchor for his team. His two partners both lost their matches, meaning he'd have to defeat all three of the opposition's players to get his team the win. Easy for a player of his calibur, except that said team is comprised of NASR|BigBird, NASR|Angry Bird, and Samurai.

One round at a time, Punk and his Karin danced around the attacks of his foes and showcased the kind of footsie play that had established them as SF5's scariest duo back in 2017. Sure enough, Punk was able to take out all three members of team NASR and score the win for his team.

The ensuing interview with Rob TV (who did and has been doing a stellar job behind the mic for SFL) was through teary eyes as an emotional levee broke. Punk's usual personal of charmingly cocky confidence was washed away for a few brief moments as passion overwhelmed him.

You can view the very wholesome moment for yourself via the clip below. We'd like to extend our own congratulations to Punk for scoring this important win and reminding everyone (especially himself) why he's known as "The Alpha."

Click image for animated version

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