One of the best Greninja players in the world got his main during The Quarantine Series King of WiFi Random Characters only to lose to Little Mac

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • May 30, 2020 at 1:57 p.m. PDT | Comments: 6

The Quarantine Series King of WiFi Random Characters is an online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments that's happening over this weekend. With the goal of making online tournaments more enjoyable for competitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, those invited to this event are locked to the random select option on the character select screen.

One particular set pitted Stroder up against Jakal. Being that Stroder is considered to be one of the best Greninja users in the world and is notable for being proficient with a large assortment of characters, it's fair to say that Stroder was the favorite to win this encounter. Still, his opponent, Jakal, is often referred to as the best Wolf in the Tristate and is also armed with plenty of secondaries.

Unfortunately for Jakal, Stroder ended up getting Greninja as his first character in the set. Even worse, random select awarded Jakal with Little Mac who is often seen as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's worst contender.

It really seemed like Stroder had won the lottery when it came to match ups. You really got the impression from the commentators and the chat that Stroder was guaranteed to win the first match of the set.

Despite the scenario, it seemed like Jakal's Little Mac really took Stroder off guard. Since the stage was Pokémon Stadium, the ability to platform camp wasn't really on the table (which is a big reason why Little Mac is rated so poorly).

Jakal would be the one to draw first blood by taking Stroder's first stock. Before Stroder could return the favor, Jakal managed to deal 83.2% damage to Greninja's second stock.

Eventually, Jakal was able to take Stroder's second stock then lap him in damage. Jakal's lead over Stroder continued to widen as the match winded down to its conclusion.

Much to everyone's surprise, Jakal was able to solidly defeat Stroder in the first match.

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While this might be enough to cripple most players' motivation, Stroder managed to maintain a strong mentality for the rest of the set. Stroder would inevitably take the set with a 3-1 victory with Incineroar, Fox, and Inkling against Jakal's Falco, Ken, and Bowser.

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