Which five characters will be in Street Fighter 5's final season? EventHubs staff share which World Warriors we're expecting to see

Capcom's premier fighting game will be rounded out with a fab five to close it out — who's been sitting on the bench for too long?

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • May 29, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. PDT | Comments: 61

Just the other day, Capcom announced that we would indeed be seeing more content this year, promising new costumes, stages and the most exciting tidbit of them all — five new characters joining the roster to round it out at 45, narrowly beating out the final Street Fighter 4 roster by one character.

Of course, the Street Fighter universe is vast and there are tons of characters we know and love who haven't gotten to be part of Street Fighter 5 yet, plus there's always the possibility of more brand new characters, since Street Fighter 5 has been anything but shy with putting brand new faces at the forefront. The only thing we know for sure is that the characters to be added have already been decided upon and are being developed right now. So who could we be seeing? Well, I joined forces with Jonathan "Catalyst" Grey, Steven "Dreamking" Chavez, John "Velociraptor" Guerrero and Dakota "DarkHorse" Hills and we each picked one character we expect to see in this final season, making for a combined total of exactly five, with each expected character written about in our own words, respectively.

Steven's Expectation: Decapre

When it comes to new Street Fighter 5 characters, I feel like Decapre has been knocking on the door to get in for some time now.

The Bison doll who made her playable debut back in Ultra Street Fighter 4 has a prominent role in Street Fighter 5's cinematic story. On top of that, she already has a fully fleshed out character model and several functional moves and attacks at her disposal.

From a development standpoint, Capcom already has a head start on making Decapre into a fully playable character. This late into Street Fighter 5's lifespan — and considering the current state of things with many people working from home — I wouldn't be surprised to see Decapre finished up and shipped off as one of the five new characters in Season 5.

Jon's Expectation: Rose

Rose is a strong candidate for Street Fighter 5, because she's featured a solid bit in the game's story mode, showing up in Menat's ending. Her Alpha 3 stage is also shown in G's story mode, with there being a photo of it in the background of Menat's scenes.

I think Rose will be more of a "sorcerer" archetype if she's added to SF5, playing a solid bit different than what she was in Street Fighter 4. Instead, I think she'll be modeled more off of the SF4's Omega Edition with a slow moving Orb projectile that explodes and a counter attack to give her another defensive option. I also think it's not Rose if she doesn't have her Soul Spiral, even though Menat got this move as a V-Skill in Champion Edition.

If Rose is a heavy control character who falls apart when you get in on her, I think that would fit her traditional gameplay archetype, but with her soul powers, Capcom could really give her an interesting and diverse set of moves and animations. She's a very powerful character in the Street Fighter lore, as she's the good side of Bison's soul.

Considering Capcom likes to add new flavors to the characters in Street Fighter 5 when they're released, I think Rose would be a great addition to the game at this time. Her powers and move sets would flesh out some playstyles that aren't highly represented in the game still.

She'd also be a day one main for me, as I'd drop Menat the moment Rose is confirmed. I love this character.

Dakota's Expectation: C. Viper

To be honest, I've kinda been expecting to see C. Viper join the roster since at least Season 2, and yet I still do have strong hope she'll make it in after years of being snubbed — for equally good choices in many cases at least.

Viper's looks and gameplay style feel like they click well with Street Fighter 5 in my head especially her Burning Kick and Thunder Knuckle which already reminds me a bit as to how Capcom implemented Lucia into the game.

Thinking about a character like her gaining access to the Crush Counter system does sound super scary on paper, but it also sounds exciting as hell for some of the possibilities she could pull off.

Having both fire and lightning at her fingertips also sets Viper up for some easy V-Trigger concepts for buffing those specific attacks or giving her other moves elemental properties.

We've already technically seen Viper in the game as part of the character story missions, and hell I thought for the longest time before playing through the cinematic story that she was Rashid's friend being held prisoner considering their similar tech.

After being one of the poster children for Street Fighter 4, who even made it into Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I'd say C. Viper has more than earned a ticket to the final showdown.

John's Expectation: Fei Long

To be honest I don't really have any major leads for one character over another at this point. I can resort to Capcom's 2017 character popularity poll and list off the top five fighters who aren't currently in Street Fighter 5, but so can anyone else.

Said poll is probably the best data we have in terms of predictions here, but even then you're technically looking at Q, Dudley, Skullomania, Dan, and Fei-Long. I'd say you can probably bump Q, Skull, and maybe Dan for the next few which include Guy, Oro, and then C. Viper.

Jon has been all but certain that Rose is en route (she's the next one down after Viper) but if I'm not taking his words into account and am just calling it based on the popular picks, I'm going to go Fei.

Putting myself in Capcom's shoes, I can see a damn good reaction upon the unveiling of Fei-Long. He's an iconic New Challenger who surely isn't for everybody, but would absolutely make an acceptable pick in a new batch of five fighters.

Fei eeks out a few other top picks here because he's relatively more unique compared to the already existing SF5 roster. The game doesn't have a ton in the way of rekka characters, and the Bruce Lee stand-in would surely scratch this itch for players who have been waiting to play the game this way.

I suppose there's a part of me that is also hopeful for Fei over the likes of Guy or C. Viper (though my "most hopeful" pick is someone else entirely) but I'd imagine he's pretty likely given we're getting five newcomers.

Nick's Expectation: Sodom

Sodom is an interesting case. When you look over the Street Fighter Alpha cast as a whole, Sodom remains the single holdout who hasn't gotten to be part of the Street Fighter 4 or Street Fighter 5 rosters at all (with certain exceptions for the dolls Juni and Juli who were essentially Cammy clones and the ported-over characters from Capcom vs. SNK 2 in the MAX version).

It's quite the odd position to be in, especially now that we're four years deep in Street Fighter 5, since his fellow bench-sitters in the Street Fighter 4 era — Charlie Nash, Birdie, Rainbow Mika and Karin Kanzuki — were all part of the initial launch roster for Street Fighter 5, making Sodom's absence all the more awkward the more time passes.Capcom were in fact confronted about this very exclusion way back in 2016 before the game had even launched where an interviewer from Famitsu confronted Capcom Japan's Koichi Sugiyama outright asking if they had simply forgotten about Sodom.

At the time, Sugiyama stressed the importance of story in Street Fighter 5 and that while they had looked at Sodom as a candidate for the game, they just didn't see any way to fit him into the story which they were working on (entitled "A Shadow Falls", and eventually released later that summer). He said that putting Sodom in alone wouldn't make sense without Cody, Guy or Haggar there, and that including Sodom would inevitably mean having to include some of the Mad Gear gang as well in some capacity.

Interestingly enough, about a year and a half later, Abigail bucked all these excuses without even breaking a sweat. He was the first Final Fight character to be added to Street Fighter 5, before any of the aforementioned protagonists, and he certainly doesn't hold any semblence of story significance, with the majority of his narrative content revolving around him running around making car noises.

Since Abigail, we've seen even more Final Fight characters join the roster. Cody and Lucia are protectors of peace in Metro City while Abigail has been joined by his former Mad Gear "colleague" Poison. Although Zeku never appeared in the Final Fight games themselves, he's also tangentially related by virtue of being Guy's master in the Bushinryu. ninjutsu

In short, all of the reasons we initially heard from Capcom for Sodom not being part of Street Fighter 5 are no longer valid at all, and in fact the playing field is more set up for his return than ever before. With Sodom's status as the lone holdout from the Alpha series being brought up time and time again, it definitely feels like something Capcom would like to curb before Street Fighter 5 wraps up, even moreso when we see that they're making sure to keep their initial word of surpassing Street Fighter 4's final roster size (which was 44) by bringing the final Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition roster to 45. Statistics definitely play in to decisionmaking.

Another part in Sodom's favor is how hard they worked on his inclusion in the Metro City stage from last year. I wrote a piece on it at the time which outlined lots of different aspects about Sodom's significance in the stage, including his new design, the fact that his model was much higher quality than all of the other background characters (even Abigail's background model, for some reason) and the most important symbolic aspect — Sodom being the only person to step into the ring, while everyone else on the stage stayed outside of it.

Last year was Final Fight's 30th anniversary, which is why the stage had a Final Fight theme to it, and likely also played in to why Poison and Lucia ended up joining the game in Season 4. Given that Sodom was in discussions as far back as the launch roster, there's no doubt in my mind that he was in serious contention for 2019 as well, which is likely why his model had a redesign and was so much higher quality than the rest.

Though he did end up getting snubbed last year, there's nothing saying that they didn't simply put off his development until the final batch. It's something we've seen happen in fighting games time and time again, where plans and release timing change, but the content doesn't necessarily have to.

While I'm not necessarily a big fan of Sodom myself (though I love Final Fight and its presence in Street Fighter to an unhealthy degree, Sodom has just never managed to do it for me), it feels to me like the writing is on the wall. Sodom has clearly been a top contender throughout Street Fighter 5's lifespan, and at this point the excuses to keep him out seem to have run dry.

I wholeheartedly believe that Sodom has been in development several times for Street Fighter 5 and that now it's finally time for this old dog to get his day... A few years too late some might say, but I'd wager for any character who's been out of the game for over 20 years, "better late than never" is their main mantra.

In Conclusion...

Capcom really threw us a curveball with this announcement — it's the exact opposite of what we had last year, and it is very much what people have been wanting from them. We know exactly what kind of content we're in store for this year, albeit not the exact details of it.

There's going to be a lot of speculation across every segment of the Street Fighter fanbase throughout the year (or until Capcom decide to unveil them all) because there really is no shortage of iconic and popular characters to choose from... To not even begin to talk about the unpopular picks. In their announcement, Capcom did say that they thought fans would be "surprised" at picks they'd made, so we could be in for some gasp-inducers.

Although there's no timeline for exactly when we'll be seeing the first character, or even if they'll be releasing them separately or grouped together as a pack, Capcom did say that we're likely to hear new information about the upcoming content at some point during this summer. With no E3 or similar trade shows or indeed many offline tournaments of note to look forward to, it's likely to be an impromptu reveal like the Season 5 confirmation we got just the other day, so stay vigilant until Capcom gives word.

We held a poll yesterday which you've been diligently voting in, and funnily enough four of our five expected characters currently sit in the top 7 spots in the votes, so it seems pretty fair to say that these characters are quite requested by you, the public, as well.

Now you know who we here at EventHubs collectively expect to see in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's fifth and final season. But who do we want to see? Please look forward to our next 5-man collaboration in the next few days which will be focusing on that very subject.

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