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Yoshinori Ono may have shared one of his old trademark hints following Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's big content announcement

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 28, 2020 at 7:13 a.m. PDT • Comments: 68

Yesterday gave us the biggest Street Fighter-related news of the year when Capcom announced that SF5 Champion Edition would be seeing one final season of content including five new characters though we don't know any of their identities — but there may be some clues now.

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has long been known to tease upcoming reveals for his games on Twitter, and his latest post seems to be one of the most cryptic and interesting he's put together over the years.

"While cleaning up the my desk, I found a nostalgic item," wrote Ono in his latest post. "It brings back fond memories to my mind. It’s a shame to throw things away... I'm tidying up for a work restart next week! ;D Take care of your health!"

What's more notable than the text, however, is the two pictures included with the tweet which appear to show a variety of Capcom-related media from the past as well as some that don't quite look like they belong.

The first image has Ono's signature Blanka toy sitting on three disc cases / books with some notable labels. At the top in Japanese there's Training File: Other followed by Q Sound System Manual, something Street Fighter related that Blanka is covering up and the FM Sound Tone Library.

As for the second picture, there's a lot more to look at with some bigger potential implications if Ono is in fact teasing something here.

Ono possibly hinting at something to come image #1 Ono possibly hinting at something to come image #2
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There's a Street Fighter 3: New Generation premium clock, a Third Strike soundtrack, a flier for Capcom's 1997 AOU Show line up and something of a poster for Vampire Savior a.k.a. Darkstalkers 3.

One thing included in the bunch is not Capcom-related on its face which is the Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland film card called just Nemo in Japan. That is except Capcom did develop a game tie-in for the movie back on the NES.

If we view these as potential hints to the identities of the final five Street Fighter 5 characters, there are some pieces of information to take note of.

Out of the original New Generation cast, SF5 currently does not feature Dudley, Elena, Necro, Oro, Sean, Yun and Yang while Makoto, Q, Remy and Twelve are missing from the Third Strike additions.

As for Darkstalkers, no other Capcom characters outside of Final Fight have appeared in a mainline Street Fighter game as a playable character which could make a representative from that series the first crossover between the casts outside of Vs. and other crossover games.

The Nemo thing is perhaps most puzzling of all, but perhaps it could point to the Japanese player Liquid|Nemo, who was the best Rolento player in the world during Street Fighter 4's reign.

We obviously can't know for sure now whether or not Ono is teasing real information here, but everything does appear to be deliberately placed for the pictures.

There's no time table set for when Capcom will reveal Street Fighter 5's final season though the Street Fighter producer says he's "tidying up for a work restart next week." Maybe we'll know a little more sooner than originally expected.

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