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Skullgirls adds 40 new character colors, a new stage and a metric ton of bug fixes to honor Combo Breaker

The developers want to bring these changes to PS4 and Switch as well

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 23, 2020 at 6:16 a.m. PDT • Comments: 26

Combo Breaker has served as essentially the premier tournament for Skullgirls since its release over a decade ago, and even though the event is cancelled for the 2020 season, there's a lot of community push right now to pay tribute to one of the best majors in the world.

Lab Zero Games has released a new and quite substantial patch for Skullgirls on PC they've titled the Combo Breaker 2020 Update which brings in over three dozen new character color options to the game, a few new animations, a new stage and a ton of adjustments / bug fixes.

Each character on the roster receives two new colors that were previously only in the Switch version of the game along with some more that are taken from the Skullgirls Mobile game and others which were previously removed from the game over the years. The grand total is over 40 new options for players.

The No Man's Land stage is also available to use in-game now which first showed up in the mobile game as well.

Some other content additions to this update are the new intro animations for Beowulf, Double and Squigly — also from Skullgirls Mobile — plus new KO screams when characters are finished in the air.

This is also the same update that added EG|SonicFox to the game as a stage NPC.

Lab Zero's Mike Zaimont states that with these bug fixes and smaller adjustments, no further gameplay patches will hit Skullgirls until after EVO Online at the earliest though he does reveal that the devs are working to bring this update to the PlayStation 4 and possibly Nintendo Switch in the future. He didn't specify if that also includes the GGPO rollback netcode upgrades the game recently received, however.

As an added bonus for players who love both Skullgirls and Combo Breaker, there's also a new T-shirt available to pre-order featuring Eliza on the front for $30 with proceeds going to support the major.

Skullgirls x Combo Breaker update image #1
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You can take a look at the patch notes for Skullgirls on the Steam community page.

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