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Third Strike player pulls off about 99% of EVO Moment 37 in Grand Finals of tournament, then the saddest thing in the world happens

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • May 22, 2020 at 1:49 p.m. PDT • Comments: 25

Even gamers who don't specialize in fighting games will often recognize EVO Moment 37, (a legendary 2004 sequence wherein RB|Daigo Umehara successfully parried the entirety of Justin Wong's Chun-Li Super to avoid chip damage, and then punished with a game-winning combo) and our genre's most famous in-game exchange was almost recreated in a more recent tournament set.

The event was Heaven or Hell 2019, a Brazilian competition held in November of last year. The Third Strike tournament had been whittled down to just two remaining players: Saoparry|Mardico, who used Chun-Li, and PRTCK|JuanGuitar, who used Ken.

Thanks to Perfectly Cut Fighting Games, we enter in on the action with the count 1-2 in the favor of Mardico, who is fighting from the winners side of the bracket. Juan finds himself in the corner after being thrown multiple times, his life bar visually non-existent, which meant everyone in the room knew that a Super chip-out was likely coming from Mardico.

While Moment 37 started with a particularly impressive pre-emptive forward motion from Daigo (Chun-Li's Super comes out so fast that you cannot react and must have already inputted parry in order to negate the first attack) this sequence starts with JuanGuitar parrying a meaty heavy punch that Mardico cancels into Super.

Still, having the clutch focus in a Grand Finals set to even begin to pull off a successful counter to the 17-hit combo is more than most competitors can boast.

We won't further spoil the details of how everything ends, but be ready to pour one out for Ken user. Check out Moment 36 (seems like a logical title for it) by clicking the thumbnail below. Be sure to type F in comments when you're finished.

Click image for animated version

If you'd like to view the full tournament and see which of these two players took home the gold, you can find the VOD right here.

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