If you're not punishing Akuma's EX Dragon Punch like this in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition you really should change that now

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 22, 2020 at 9:39 a.m. PDT | Comments: 8

Akuma is easily one of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's strongest characters, which should come to no surprise to anyone. The powerful Shoto has been among the top tiers for pretty much his entire lifespan here in Street Fighter 5, so finding new tools to better combat him is always a plus.

Training mode master Javits recently shared a clip that features a practical and effective way to better punish Akuma when you block one of his EX Dragon Punches. The idea here is that you can punish him earlier, and as a result, inflict more stun, but you'll have to get crafty with your character and setup.

The most common punish for a blocked EX DP is to wait for both reps of the hits to run their course, neutral jump as Akuma is in the air after the second portion, and hit him with a full jump-in combo as he lands. This gives you a big combo that begins with a counter hit and is typically the optimal route to go.

What Javits noticed, though, is that there are ways to get around Akuma during the blocked special move so that the second wave of EX DP hits doesn't make contact with you. If you're blocking it, you're locked down until Akuma is done and it gives him the opportunity to recover a good chunk of his stun.

As Javits demonstrates, characters who have normals that move them forward slightly can cause them to travel under Akuma after the first wave of hits, and in turn, they can jump in for a punish sooner. We see a combo done with and without this technique in the clip, and you can see one results in a full stun for Akuma while the other does not.

If your character doesn't have a normal that moves them forward, you can actually hold up forward and jump over Akuma during the same portion of the special move, and this will create a similar result. If you want to put the maximum hurt on Akuma, be sure to hit the training room and find what option best works for your main.

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