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New Guilty Gear Strive announcements coming in June during recently revealed New Game+ Expo, SNK and others scheduled to join event

Okay, you have my attention

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • May 20, 2020 at 11:10 a.m. PDT • Comments: 16

The last piece of news we heard about Guilty Gear Strive was the announcement of its delay past the end of 2020 though now we have something nice to look forward to with the title in the very near future.

Arc System Works revealed today new Guilty Gear Strive footage and information will be making its debut in June with the recently announced New Game+ Expo.

Little else is known about what's going to be shown for Guilty Gear during the event, as very little is currently revealed about the specific titles making an appearance at the event.

It's fairly safe to assume there will likely be a new character reveal trailer or two to partially make up for the opportunities missed by all offline events currently being shuttered because it's hard to be a new fighting game announcement without any fighters.

There's also the strong possibility of learning more about Strive's new release window — and maybe something like a PlayStation 5 version — plus perhaps a look at features and UI.

The NGPX is a new partnership between over a dozen of the world's most well-known video game developers and publishers including ArcSys and other fighting game creators like SNK, Sega (once upon a time), and Koei Tecmo.

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Starting on June 23, game announcements will be pouring out of the expo as a digital-only replacement to anything they may have had planned for E3 2020 or this summer.

As for what SNK may show, there's still one fighter left on the Samurai Shodown Season 2 DLC roster that hasn't been shown off yet plus there's also King of Fighters 15 which has yet to make an appearance since its official reveal at EVO 2019. The storied developer could also be digging into their pockets of other dormant franchises waiting to be brought back.

The other developers involved with NGPX are Atlus, Natsume, Idea Factory, Spike Chunsoft, GungHo, Acttil, Playism, Inti Creates, Grasshopper Manufature, Aksys Games, NIS America and WayForward.

Streaming is scheduled to go live on Twitch at 8 a.m. PT on Jun. 23 and run until 4 p.m. PT with exclusive trailers, title reveals, demos, presentations and more.

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